Washington and Copenhagen

What does Washington and Copenhagen have in common?

They both are filled with people who 1) have broken with reality; 2) want the American taxpayer to fund their pet projects; 3) state that their positions must be acted upon immediately otherwise dire consequences will be the result.

To quote Colonel Potter:  “Horse-hockey!!”

For the past few days, I have been watching, with some interest, the shenanigans of the politicians in Washington and the delegates in Copenhagen.  Let’s start with the people in Washington, because these are the clowns that can hurt us the most for the long haul.

The Senate Democrats are scrambling around trying to gather enough votes to pass their version of Health Care Reform.  Various Senators are making rumbles that they won’t vote for the legislation unless something is in the legislation or something is taken out.  Make no mistake – the only reason these clowns are doing this is to get some of their pet projects included in the legislation, known as “pork” by some, graft by others.  This is how the legislation is going to be passed, all on the taxpayers’ dime (because that’s all we’re going to have left, and they’re going to come and get that too).

I also heard the President make his speeches about how this legislation will save us money and provide health care security for everyone.  Of course, this is the same President who urged Congress to pass the Stimulus Bill to prevent the unemployment rate from exceeding 8%, and we all know how that turned out…  The point is that I don’t trust these Bozos, especially since they are still blaming the previous administration and are meeting behind closed doors to do their deal-making despite the promises of the President that all discussions would be in full view of the C-Span news cameras.  Uh-uh…That’s a change that hasn’t happened, and never will because the politicians do not want their under the table deal-making to become public.

But perhaps the biggest lie that is being perpetrated upon the American public is that this legislation will be deficit neutral.  Considering that the only way an open-ended program with rising costs could break even is for income to the program to increase and/or outlays (i.e., benefits) would be reduced, I somehow think that this is more Presidential and Congressional snake-oil with a dash of wishful thinking & seasoned with fairy dust than it is based in actual facts.

From Political Math:

I have heard many pundits call the pending Senate legislation “dead,” but I don’t believe it.  Until it has been placed before the Senate and voted on, it will be lurking in the background just like Cap & Trade.  Speaking of which…

On to Copenhagen:

The summit has now moved away from Global Warming Climate Change to the subject of “who’s going to pay for it?”  I touched on this in a previous post, but excerpts from Investors.com states it much more eloquently than I can:

When an overblown environmental conference culminates with Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lecturing the West on virtue, color it another shakedown.

The United Nations’ Copenhagen Climate Conference is going fast into meltdown. It may be because it’s not about climate anymore, but fitting a noose on the world’s productive economies and extracting wealth transfers.

Poor countries have gone from defending their right to economic development as a reason for exemptions to emissions cuts to claiming a “legitimate” right to vast wealth transfers from the West to prevent emissions. They call it “climate justice.”

Monday, the Group of 77, led by African states, shut down the conference for the second time, saying they would pick up their marbles and go home if the West didn’t agree to their formula for emissions cutbacks and send them more than the $10 billion promised by the West.

Having manipulated the foreign aid racket for decades, the African officials knew just what buttons to push with Western Europeans. Not surprisingly, they won concessions. No doubt they’ll do it again to get more, and the Danes and other one-worlders will give them what they want.

This shows that all the pretty words about going green and controlling climate have turned into nothing but a money-grab.

Now, during the conference’s waning days, it’s also become a dirt-magnet for dictators with their hands out.

Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are expected this week to hector the West on wealth transfers and to browbeat guilt-ridden liberals to get more cash for their own dictatorial schemes.

These three lawless leaders have laid waste to their nations’ own economies in some of the world’s most perfect models of unsustainability. Now they want the West to give them money for it.

And this “shakedown” by these despots, dictators, and juntas is supposedly all for the benefit of their country’s people.  Quite frankly, if some of these nations were more concerned with their people, they wouldn’t be committing genocide & other human rights violations, and would distribute the food & aid shipped to them instead of letting it rot on the docks…

But we still have those in this country that ignore the hacked emails, and are progressing to undercut our economy for nothing but a dubious theory.

12323_image Looks like history could be repeating itself…


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7 Responses to Washington and Copenhagen

  1. Deficit “NEUTRAL”???

    YOU must be friggin’ KIDDIN’ me!!??!


  2. Z says:

    Don’t you feel like we’re living in an alternate reality to the reality of OBAMA THUGS?
    I wish YOU were in charge!? :0-)

  3. Tom says:

    BZ – No, I’m not kidding you one bit. Nobama has stated this many times, and has also stated that this legislation would save money. How that’s going to happen is beyond any economic sanity.

    Z – This is the alternate reality. And as far as me being in charge, I think not. I’m intelligent enough to know that I don’t have all the answers, and not stupid enough to enter into politics.

  4. Poor countries have gone from defending their right to economic development as a reason for exemptions to emissions cuts to claiming a “legitimate” right to vast wealth transfers from the West to prevent emissions. They call it “climate justice.”

    A legitimate right to redistributing the wealth?

    Gimme a break!

    Third World countries squander every dollar they get from wealthier nations.

  5. Braden says:

    Amazing isn’t it? Nothing like a bunch of private jet aircraft flying, limousine riding elitists telling the rest of us to make sacrifices in order to save the planet.

    See, reality and truth are the enemies of liberalism.

    One more thing:

    Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent.

  6. Joe says:

    Liberals and President BO are as much terrorists as Osama Ben Laden.

    Witness their threat to close a SAC Air Force Base if Nelson doesn’t vote for the Senate’s ObamaCare plan.

    It is as though we have now reached “liberal critical mass,” and nothing can stop it!

    I pray that I’m wrong about this.

  7. Tom says:

    AOW – The third world countries are collapsing under their own weight of oppression, and need funding from other countries to keep going. Too bad the millions that are sent in aid do not reach the people that need it.

    Braden – Liberalism knows only one thing – legislation to make their actions legal all in the name of making things “fair.” Too bad the end result is usually disaster and pain for all.

    Joe – The Libs will reach critical mass, and the voters will react (hopefully) of voting the buzzards out.

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