So Many Topics, So Little Time…

Like many other people, I’m getting overwhelmed with the sheer number of topics that I’m interested in posting on, and cannot really do a good job on.  So little time to post on so many topics, so here’s a few observations and comments on the topics that have caught my attention:

The President is in Oslo picking up his Nobel Peace Prize.  Fairly odd since he admits that it was too soon in his presidency to be considered for this award.  Even more odd since he just increased the number of troops in Afghanistan.  But it really concerns me that he made the statement that the United States is committed to a nuclear free world, which is totally unrealistic because that genie cannot be put back in the bottle, and there are various nutcases & rogue nations that are hell-bent on acquiring nuclear weapons.

The Chicken Little Scientists at the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen cannot convince me that the sky is falling much less the Earth is warming up.  Snow outside, and falling temperatures sort of make me wonder, but when each delegate to the summit must have their own limousine confirms that these morons are in it for themselves.

In case you didn’t hear, 1,200 limousines, some from as far as Germany (driven from there, mind you!), were requisitioned for the various delegates attending the Summit.  Meanwhile, the mass-transit busses and trains sat idle.  Obviously, the people who are trying to get the rest of us to use mass transit, ride bicycles, and walk will not stoop to use such transportation methods that, according to them, will reduce the impact of man-made climate change.  That’s not commitment – that’s in your face elitism.  But I’m more concerned with this little jewel from Copenhagen:

The United States and China were at odds Thursday at the UN climate conference over who to blame and who should pay for global warming with Washington saying Beijing was a low priority for compensation.

Earlier China’s top delegate in Copenhagen blamed rich countries like the United States for global warming and said they had a duty to pay out billions of dollars in compensation to poorer, developing countries.

So now it’s more about who is going to pay the smaller, poorer countries.  Yep, the real reason for this stupidity is money, not the climate.  Redistribution of wealth – Where have we heard that before?

Despite the release of less than complementary emails detailing the potential of scientific fraud concerning faking or altering the data to support Global Warming Climate Change, our President remains committed to Cap and Trade.  Being trillions of dollars in debt, do we really need to commit our economy (i.e., taxpayer dollars) to supporting the rest of the world on the pretense of “the Earth is melting?”  Fortunately, this legislation appears to be on the back burner because of the “importance” of Health Care.

Health Care legislation is now being debated behind closed doors despite the promises by the politicians to have an open & transparent process.  Call me cynical, but I believe that the Senate will pass something despite the objections of the voters and responsible politicians.  Anything that was dropped from the bill that was needed to get it to pass (such as the public option) will be added at a later date, most likely as a line-item in semi-related legislation.  Yes, what doesn’t get passed in the main bill will be added via stealth legislation – just watch.

But what burns me about this legislation is that there isn’t a health care crisis!!  Yes, there are people without health care insurance.  In some cases, that is their choice, and their risk to assume.  In other cases, people cannot afford the insurance, but they do have the options of applying for medical services through existing government programs.  In most cases, if you do not have insurance and run up a bill, hospitals and doctors will work out a payment plan, and even then, that can result in reduced fees.  But I do not believe that people are turned away from the hospital if they do not have insurance. 

Yeah, I know that there will be some people that state that there are people that are denied insurance because of pre-existing conditions, and other considerations.  But you do have to remember – insurance companies are assuming risk, and will minimize that risk in order to stay in business.  They do not have an unlimited stash of money like most people think they do.

So what happens if the legislation is passed?  The government gets their cut for doing nothing, the costs to the taxpayer either through fees and taxes will increase, and the potential for health service availability & quality go down.  It has happened in other countries with similar systems, and I have no doubts that the same thing will happen here.

Noticed on the news that first time unemployment claims from last month were at 474,000.  Jobs are still scarce and unemployment claims keep increasing – so much for the Stimulus that was supposed to keep the unemployment rate at 8% or below.  It’s so successful at 10+% that the President wants to use unspent TARP funds for another Stimulus package.  A couple of problems with that – Those are borrowed funds, and it would be illegal to use those funds for that purpose.  Doubt that would stop him, though.

Well, that’s the end of the ranting for now.  What say you?


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