Weekend Session

I saw that the Senate worked through the weekend to come to some agreement on Healthcare, and Obama changed his date schedule to meet with Senate Democrats.  Most, if not all, of the meets were behind closed doors.  I hate to think of the deal-making that was going on.  What happened to the “transparency” in government that we were promised?

It went to the same place as most of the promises the politicians made to us voters…

Then there’s the buildup to the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen.  The “one” will make an appearance, make speeches, and probably try and sell us down the river again.  Not very many others will, though.  I predict that China and India, two of the burgeoning economies, to tell the summit attendees to go pound sand.  After the release of the Climategate emails, anyone giving credibility to the Chicken Littles at this summit needs to have their heads examined.

And I hope that Cap & Trade remains DOA on the Senate floor.

Happy Birthday to my Son!!

Hi Ho, Hi Ho,
It’s off to School I go!
To study all day
And earn that “A”
Hi Ho, Hi Ho!

Headed back to school for the next three days. May not post anything until Thursday or Friday.  In the meantime, everyone take care and stay safe.


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3 Responses to Weekend Session

  1. This administration (BHO and the Congress) are sneaks.

    All the promises of transparency are nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

  2. PS: Best of luck on those exams!

  3. Tom says:

    AOW – I agree, and thank you!

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