Surrendering In Advance

I watched President Oblunder’s speech to the West Point Cadets, and I was struck by the violation of a fundamental precept of war – never tell your opponent what you are going to do.  Yes, 30,000 of our soldiers will land in Afghanistan, but will be withdrawn by the summer of 2011 (just in time for the elections, I might add).  At no time were the words “victory” or “win” used in this speech. 

Another speech by the Campaigner in Chief, which puts our soldiers in harm’s way with no purpose with an apology for America’s mistakes and a backhanded swipe at the previous administration for doing their job in keeping America safe.  The naiveté of the academic mind of Oblunder, which is not based in reality, is becoming rapidly apparent even to his most rabid supporters.

What I predict will happen is this:  The troops will land in Afghanistan, and the attacks from the Taliban & Al Qaeda will diminish.  If they are smart (and they are), the Taliban & Al Qaeda leaders will step down their attacks to give the appearance that the additional troops are having the desired effect.  The politicians will declare victory, and the troops would be withdrawn on schedule.  Then the Taliban & Al Qaeda leaders will come out of hiding and essentially take over the country, probably after the US elections.  Should Oblunder be re-elected, it would be doubtful that the US would redeploy troops to Afghanistan.  Remember – the Taliban & Al Qaeda are in this for the long haul.

Yes, our troops would be out of Afghanistan and safe, but the Afghan people would be the ones paying for the shortsightedness of our political leaders.  And if history repeats itself, things weren’t very good with the Taliban in charge.

What Oblunder has revealed to our enemies is that not only is he a naive politician, but a weak one as well.  And they have nothing to fear from a toothless tiger that only roars.


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8 Responses to Surrendering In Advance

  1. Debbie says:

    The military wasn’t too receptive of Obama’s plan. Heaven help them, they will sure need it.

  2. Your prediction will happen whether we stay there ten months, or ten years. Different powers have not been able to defeat the warlords in that area, for centuries. Maybe Obama is sending a message to Afghanistan and Pakistan with his time line .

  3. Other than this idiotic idea of a timeline for withdrawal, there was nothing to differentiate this speech from the one he gave in March of this year.

    So 100 days passed away while our troops waited to hear if they would get reinforcements and the enemy grew bolder.

    And all this blame Bush rhetoric is just SOO divisive and unpresidential.

  4. I missed BHO’s speech. Just as well, I guess, as I’m overwhelmed with hearth-and-home matters at the moment.

    The above said, I can’t say I’m surprised at what I read in this post. BHO doesn’t love America. It’s that simple.

  5. I am of the opinion now, that’s it’s a definite IF / THEN equation:

    IF Mr Obama is going to stick by his “in-the-clear” broadcasting of his tactics, strategy and timetable of 18 months, THEN why should we waste even ONE more soldier in Afghanistan??


  6. Tom says:

    Debbie – The military is not happy with Oblunder taking 3 months in deciding something that he should have been on top of to begin with. Perhaps if he wasn’t running around the world on an apology tour…

    Tom – The strategy changes if you know what your opponent is up to. If you know that your opponent is under a time restriction, they can be waited out. Otherwise, the strategy would be attrition-based.

    Mike – All the wait did was show that Oblunder is weak and indecisive.

    AOW – After all the speeches that he gave overseas during his campaign, we shouldn’t be surprised.

    BZ – It’s interesting that Oblunder is very transparent in outlining his strategy for Afghanistan, but completely opaque with his plans for his administration, czars, healthcare reform, etc. And I agree – If the goal isn’t to win, then why are we committing more troops in harm’s way?

  7. By the way, in all of Blogdom, I don’t think there’s anyone who has a more beautiful mast header than do you here.


  8. Tom says:

    Thanks, BZ!! I worked hard on putting together the template and finding a photo to use.

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