Obama the “Leader”

From the Chicago Tribune:

Imagine this. At a time of political turmoil, a charismatic, telegenic new leader arrives virtually out of nowhere. He offers a message of hope and reconciliation based on compromise and promises to marshal technology for a better future that will include universal health care.

The news media swoons in admiration — one simpering anchorman even shouts at a reporter who asks a tough question: "Why don’t you show some respect?!" The public is likewise smitten, except for a few nut cases who circulate batty rumors on the Internet about the leader’s origins and intentions. The leader, undismayed, offers assurances that are soothing, if also just a tiny bit condescending: "Embracing change is never easy."

So, does that sound like anyone you know? Oh, wait — did I mention the leader is secretly a totalitarian space lizard who’s come here to eat us?

Thus is the premise of the ABC Network’s science fiction television series “V” which premiered last night.  It is a smartly written update of the “V” series from the mid-1980’s, and does provide some rather biting criticism, although tongue-in-cheek, on today’s political and media landscape.

For instance, one of the lines that I liked was:

“We’re all so quick to jump on the bandwagon.  A ride on the bandwagon, it sounds like fun. But before we get on, let us at least make sure it is sturdy."

Remind you of anything that happened during the last election?  Anything current, perhaps?

Then how about the question of what is the most powerful weapon that anyone can command?  And the answer is:  Devotion.  A definition of devotion includes, “Ardent, often selfless affection and dedication, as to a person or principle.”  Ring any bells?

One other scene that stuck with me was when the Leader “Anna” asked her chosen interviewer not to ask any questions that would cast the Visitors in a bad light.  Initially, the interviewer refused, but compromised his principles for continued access (and career enhancement).  Does this sound familiar?

To be honest, the parallels between this show and reality are uncanny, and I suspect, intentional.  What is surprising that in today’s Liberal Hollywood is that this show with the not-so-complementary references to the current political and media establishments would be made. 

Which only goes to show that the bloom off this particular rose is fading and the petals are rapidly falling off.  This last is evidenced by the results of the off-year elections in New Jersey and New York.

Now I’m not saying that President Obama is a space lizard ready to pop us in the oven for a quick snack.  Far from it.  I do wonder, however, about Pelosi and Reid – they’re the scary ones…

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3 Responses to Obama the “Leader”

  1. Chuck says:

    What was it the lady said in that Star Wars film?

    “So this is how democracy dies, to thunderous applause”, or something like that?

    I remember being reminded of that when O was elected, all the lefty twits going around acting as though the messiah had come and all would now forever be “right” with the world.

  2. Joe says:

    So much of what passes as satire (read: SNL) is nothing more than base ridicule. “V” is true satire, in the vein of Gulliver’s Travels and Mother Goose.

    In V, GT and MG, everything stands for something else. Good stuff!

  3. Tom says:

    Chuck – I imagine that some of them are changing their tune with the continual ineptitude of their chosen one…

    Joe – I do not watch SNL except for the Obama impersonator on YouTube. I’m waiting to see what the second episode of “V” brings.

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