6-Month Vacation?

Shows where the mind is…

I just realized that today is the 6-month anniversary of leaving Chrysler.  The good news is that I’m studying to better myself from a hiring and skill-set standpoint.  Bad news is that I still don’t have a job lined up, and nothing definite on the horizon.

It still sucks…


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6 Responses to 6-Month Vacation?

  1. Ken Taylor says:

    You left out a rather important tid bit if good news about your seperation from Chrysler. You are NOT a government employee of the now government owned and operated Chrysler.

  2. Z says:

    Tom, you have great spirit. If Mr. Z wasn’t working for 6 months, I don’t know how we’d make it.
    Continuing to pray for a job for you………xx

  3. Debbie says:

    Yes, prayers for you to find a job, the RIGHT job for you. Everybody is hurting, I don’t know how some folks survive. What? Didn’t you get some “hope, change, help” from Obama???

  4. Tom says:

    Ken – It wouldn’t matter in some respects who I would work for as long as it’s an honest living. Although I will say that I am somewhat happy to be out of that situation, but missing the paycheck and the insurance coverage that I had.

    Z – Thank you for your prayers! It has been rough from the mental standpoint – I do get depressed from time to time, playing the “what if” game of whether I made the correct decision in leaving or not.

    Debbie – I expect nothing from the “O” except more BS. The program that I am receiving my continuing education through was in place long before he showed up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  5. If you worked for Chrysler I’m assuming you live in Michigan. Are you thinking of moving?


    • Tom says:

      My wife and I have talked about moving, and that is a possibility. Our only concern is how much we would lose on the house since the housing market is in the dumps.

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