More Reasons For Government Not To Run Healthcare

Who cannot forget this statement made at the Senator Specter and Kathleen Sebelius Townhall:

“I look at this health care plan and I see nothing that is about health or about care. What I see is a bureaucratic nightmare, Senator.  Medicaid is broke, Medicare is broke, Social Security is broke and you want us to believe that a government that can’t even run a cash for clunkers program is going to run one-seventh of our U.S. economy?  No sir, no.”

With a track record of royally botching social-oriented programs, it seems that no one should trust the Government with anything of importance dealing with people’s lives.  But that is exactly what our politicians are trying to legislate and calling such an action in our collective best interest.  And like snake-oil salesmen of the old West, they are giving us a sales pitch like no other.

The President is still on the campaign trail, stumping from state to state with tightly controlled townhalls to sell his message of healthcare for all.  He commandeers a TV network for an hour long infomercial.  His friends in the media refuse to run commercial spots with information counter to the President’s message.  Last, but certainly not least, he sends his legions of party faithful, Representatives, Senators, and Union thugs supporters, to sell & support this 1,000+ page of mind-numbing, eye-bleeding legislation that would burden this country’s citizens with unspeakable bureaucracy and no recourse if something goes wrong.  When is the last time that you heard of a person successfully suing the government?

While on the way to the doctor this morning, I was listening to WJR, a news radio station, when Paul W. Smith was interviewing Michigan Representative John Dingle.  The question was asked of Representative Dingle why there was so much opposition to HR3200 and why it was so hard to understand.  He stated that, “it takes a lawyer to read” the legislation to understand it, that the bill refers to itself & other legislation in different places, and this is what makes it hard for the average person to understand.

Which is the reason that 56% of the American people (according to a Fox News poll) would like to vote each and every Congressman out of office next election cycle…  Hard to understand legislation that affects so many people does not go over well with the average person, especially when taken in context of some well-known and not so well-known governmental failures.

Medicare and Medicaid are programs that everyone likes to look at when considering healthcare.  While these programs do provide healthcare to millions, there are severe problems with the administration of the program.  For instance, it is estimated that Medicare and Medicaid fraud cost taxpayers $60 billion per year.  Worse, these programs are not self-sustaining, and without additional funding from Congress via taxpayer dollars, these programs will become insolvent (bankrupt) in 2017.

President Obama recently mentioned that Fed-Ex and UPS are doing OK compared to the Post Office.  Considering that the Post Office is essentially a government-owned monopoly and lost over $7 Billion dollars last year, this doesn’t give me any confidence in the government running a business.

Then we must consider the government’s foray into the banking sector with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mack, and the Federal Reserve.  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack were to provide low-interest funding to the mortgage industry while the Federal Reserve was to provide a stable financial system.  All three failed in their mandates, leading to the economic crisis that is gripping the country today.  And let’s not even start with bailouts of various lending institutions that still paid their executives bonuses with taxpayer dollars…

But surely transportation is safe, right?  With the government funding (some would say takeover) of General Motors and Chrysler, one would say that it’s too soon to make a judgment.  Those who say that have forgotten Amtrak, which only exists by government subsidy while it was intended to become profitable.  After 38 years, it is nowhere near breaking even.

But here is the bottom line:  Government cannot run government to accomplish a single goal within a budget or timeframe.  For example, the Department of Energy’s mandate was to bring the United States to a state of independence from foreign energy sources.  The United States is anything but energy independent, and has locked off sources of energy or made it extremely cost-ineffective to achieve this goal.  Drilling in Anwar and stopping a ten-plus year study of Yucca Mountain in favor of unreliable, inefficient, or undeveloped technology puts this country at risk, and is far from the lofty goals stated 32 years ago for that department.

I agree with the quote at the top of this post – What I see is a bureaucratic nightmare, and it’s not limited to the healthcare issue.  It’s a government by the people & for the people that is the issue.  Government has gotten so big that it will be almost impossible to reign in.  An appropriate quote is:

The mystery of government is not how Washington works but how to make it stop. – P. J. O’Rourke

The Constitution outlines the limits that government must adhere to.  But those limits must be enforced by the population of the country, not by government itself.  If unchecked, government will expand until it cannot expand any further.  History is populated with examples of countries and empires that grew without limits and collapsed when the weight of the country became too great for that country’s resources to sustain.  And I fear that we are dangerously close to that point.

Opposition to HR3200 is only the first step for the people to register disapproval to our elected leaders.  I sincerely hope they were listening.  If not…


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9 Responses to More Reasons For Government Not To Run Healthcare

  1. Ken Taylor says:

    Excellent post Tom. This debacle is yet another prime example of the failure of anything connected with the federal government. As you stated nothing that the government handles can be considered a success, as far as programs are conserned.

    Plus this monstrosity has so many aspects that are unconstituional and frankly I am dissapointed that the unconstituionality of te bill is not stressed more by those who oppose it. Just the mere fact that the bil will REQUIRE every American to purchase some type of health care is unconstituional in that the government does NOT have any authority to require citizens to purchase ANYTHING.

    The entire debacle is dangerous to our economy, our health care system, the American people and especially freedom!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I agree with Ken, EXCELLENT post! This is not about care or health….there have never been truer words said. We need to fight this with everything we have because if this passes, it will be the achilles heel of America.

  3. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    Another good P.J. O Rourke quote ” if you think that healthcare is expensive now wait until it is free.”
    I don’t understand how people could possibly look at Medicaid and Medicare and see that these programs have no money and than look at government run healthcare as a good idea. The government can’t effectively run the healthcare business that they already provide yet they expect us to trust them to expand it.

  4. I just read over at Drudge that BHO is considering dropping the public option. Maybe he already has — I’m not sure.

    Now, about Cash 4 Clunkers….When I traded in my clunker on July 24, the first day of the program, I got a 30-day registration. Well, that registration has now expired, and I can’t get an official title and registration from the DMV until the federal government picks up the clunker I traded in. As of a week ago, the car dealership hadn’t seen a single clunker picked up! Finally, at the beginning of this week, the salvage people showed up, but I don’t know if my clunker has been picked up. I hope so!

    I’m driving the car I bought anyway. Not exactly legal, I’m sure, but I did transfer the tags from my clunker. Therefore, my tags are not obviously expired and will not expire until next year.

    But what are those with DMV temporary tags going to do? Talk about screwed.

  5. Debbie says:

    AOW: That’s very interesting. The dealers are still waiting on their money, most have only received repayment for a few of the rebates, the remainder are waiting and waiting. They were promised payment in FOUR days, but still waiting.

    I never thought about the title and registration.

    We’re told now that Obama himself will take over (as if he hasn’t been on the campaign trail every day as Tom says)…

    I’m hearing that maybe tort reform will be “considered”. Don’t believe that lie.

  6. Tom says:

    Ken – Thank you for your complements! While it’s true that HR3200 and legislation like it is un-Constitutional, the problem is that prior legislation that created Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare is now entrenched with millions of people depending on them for sustenance. To take that back will not happen anytime soon.

    Jennifer – Thank you! This bill cannot pass for so many reasons, the first is to put a stop to government encroachment on people’s lives.

    Mr. Pink Eyes – Our politicians have blown any trust the American people have in them with the massive spending (with no way to pay for it) over the past year. And then they have the gall to stand up on podiums and call the American people stupid, ignorant, Nazis, and terrorists.

    AOW – BO may be willing to drop the public option, but I’ve heard that Pelosi and some of the other Democrats want to keep it.

    AOW & Debbie – In the Detroit area, over 27,000 cars were sold under the program, but only 1,800 were reimbursed. There is no announced date that the dealers would see their money, and in AOW’s case, who knows when the registration issue would be cleared up. Our government at work…

    Debbie – Tort reform isn’t on the agenda – The politicians will NOT alienate one more group in their base.

  7. Z says:

    The argument picks up..a guy here in LA had his baby finger bitten off by a healthcare supporter who didn’t like him and his friends protesting them…the docs were able to reconnect.
    Nice, eh?
    Without tort reform, they show their cards..this isn’t about feeling bad for the uninsured and wanting to make it better the RIGHT WAY, this is about POWER. And ruining our economy.

  8. Tom says:

    Z – Perhaps the supporter wanted the finger for some soup & sandwiches while taking a trip to the Kanamit’s home planet.

    The politicians are all about power. Ruining the economy is a side dish for them, half designed to force the sheeple to depend on government for sustenance.

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