A Modern Parable

Unabashedly stolen from The People’s Cube in the Comments Section.

The Parable of the Loafing Fisherman

Obama the Father had two sons, Joe Plumber and Hugh Henrietta.  Joe saveth his meager dough and bought a hut in the cheap section of the village so he would not have to give all his silver coins to the moneychangers.  But Hugh fell for the siren song of the real estate agent of Satan and bought the King’s summer palace even though he made not much from his craft as a twig salesman.  Many weeks later, Joe sat happily in his hut drinking grog and watching the goat (there was no TV then) but Hugh was beset by moneychangers demanding more change and less hope.

Hugh went to Obama the Father and spake, "I’m really in deep shit, those moneychangers want to repo my digs."  Obama the Father replied, "I will help you by TARPing the moneychangers and making them accept the same payment as your brother Joe pays for his hut."  Hugh was pleased but Joe stank with outrage: "Why didst thou bail out my spendthrift brother but giveth not a dime to me?  I was the responsible one!"  Obama the Father replied, "Fool, you had the same chance to buy a summer palace but chose not to take it!  To punish your short sightedness, I will tax your grog and your goat to pay for your brother’s TARP.  Be gone, now!"

And so it came to pass that Joe pissed away much of his grog paying for his brother’s TARP while his brother lived happily ever after until 6 months later when he was run over by an ox cart while trying to buy drugs.

The moral of this story: under socialism, you’re only as smart as your stupidest neighbor.

“The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher

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  1. “you’re only as smart as your stupidest neighbor”

    Love the story and the clear presentation of truth. Unfortunately, they still won’t get it because they are the stupidest neighbor.

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