There’s Got To Be A Better Plan

Let’s consider the following video on what HR3200 (potentially renamed the Obama/Kennedy Healthcare Plan) will and will not do (h/t to Mike’s America):

This is what 1,000+ pages of fertilizer is going to do to the American citizenry.  In case there are people out there that don’t understand what citizenry means, it means you and me (unless you are from another country, which means you either get a free pass because you’re illegal, or you currently reside in another country).  Of course, since our elected leaders are, well, our leaders, they are exempt from this legislation as well as their Union lackeys.  None of this is right, just, or fair, but since when did that matter to them?

What I also keep hearing from the media is that this is the only plan available, and the Republicans have nothing to counter this product of hard-working for-the-people Democrats.  Excuse me, but that is a load of manure, and they know it!  Three Republican healthcare proposals have been introduced for consideration!!

From CNSNews:

The three Republican bills total almost 400 pages and have been on the table since May and June.

In May, Republicans in the House and the Senate formed a bicameral coalition to produce the130-page “Patients Choice Act of 2009.”

In June, Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) introduced the “Health Care Freedom Plan,” a 41-page proposal.

And in July, the Republican Study Committee, under the leadership of Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), unveiled the “Empowering Patients First Act,” a 130-page plan.

Some of the provisions included in one or more of the bills include: investing in preventive medicine, an overhaul of Medicaid, reduction of abuse and fraud in the Medicare program, supplemental health insurance for low-income families, tax credits for health insurance, and a ban on federal funds being used for abortions.

I have looked over the summaries of each of the above proposals.  Gone is the bureaucratic nonsense of setting up patient review boards, mandated counseling of seniors, poking around in your bank accounts, payoffs to questionable sources, penalties to employers & citizens alike, and Trillions of dollars of debt.

HR3200 is a bill with over 1,000 pages of nonsensical bureaucratic garbage which does nothing but enlarge government.  Compare that with a combined 400-page count of three common-sense proposals which will at least attempt to reform a system that is working for 85% of Americans.  Which do you think meets the Tom’s Place K.I.S.S Principle?

However, one of the problems with the current system of healthcare that is not addressed by any of the motions is tort reform.  I think that the reason for this is that many of the politicians are lawyers, and God-forbid that they would set limits on the settlements of lawsuits that would limit the income of their brethren!  I have read that up to 40% of lawsuits brought against doctors have no legal basis! Consider this excerpt from IBD Editorials and judge for yourself:

The accounting firm Price-Waterhouse-Coopers says about 10% of the cost of medical service is attributable to medical malpractice lawsuits. Roughly 2% is caused by direct costs of the lawsuits; an additional 5% to 9% is due to expenses run up by defensive medicine.

Defensive medicine is generally defined as running extra tests for purposes of CYA by the doctor just in case something goes awry for the most innocent of reasons so the doctor can show due diligence in his treatment of patients and not be sued.  And we wonder why when we go to the doctor for routine checkups we get multiple tests which we think are totally unrelated for our visit in the first place.  From a different IBD Editorial article:

According to the 900 doctors anonymously surveyed, on average, 18% to 28% of tests, procedures, referrals and consultations and 13% of hospitalizations were ordered to avoid lawsuits. All of this adds at least $1.4 billion to annual health care costs in Massachusetts alone, and national estimates range as high as $200 billion.

Now I’m not suggesting that the patients that are truly injured by bad doctors not be compensated.  Rather, the stupid stuff that drives up costs for everyone should be eliminated.

Our politicians need to buckle down and serve this country and its people before serving anyone or anything else.  That’s what they were elected to do.  Remind them of this fact, or you will fire them come election time.

6 thoughts on “There’s Got To Be A Better Plan

  1. Great collection of facts. This stuff never makes it out. You must be one of the lucky ones.

    With the media 100/1 for Obama and whatever stupid idea he manges to let out, is for it. The media originally was a watch dog for America, who asked tough questions and helped the people. Now they are a lap dog or puppet for BO.

  2. A really excellent synopsis, Tom… something that is certainly normal product from you.

    I am red faced at my poor patronage of your blog and those of our fine co-Patriots. My personal and business duties have never been greater nor more hectic, however, I recognize that this is merely an excuse, rather than a good reason, for my absence. I have the same duty to the Republic that we all have… stay informed and USE the 1st Amendment rights that we have all been blessed with.

    I am heartened by yours and others outcry to the dangers which threaten the demise of our great nation. Thank you, from my heart, for your dedication to our national survival. God bless.

  3. ablur – And that is precisely the problem! The media is now firmly aligned with one political party and ideology – Democratic / Left. This is not what the Founders had in mind for the Press (now the media). If the media was truly neutral, we would be hearing and reading all sides of the debate.

    Defiant Infidel – Thank you for the complement! I fully understand the need to take care of your loved ones. I do not take offense at the lack of patronage due to that little thing called “life.” It happens to all of us. But do what you can when you can, and we will get the job done. Take care and stay safe.

  4. The number one thing that will begin bringing medical costs under contro is tort reform.

    The number one thing that neither Democrat nor Republican lawmakers will address is tort reform.

    Without tort reform there can be NO relief of high medical costs, because everything else depends upon it.

    Since 30% of lawmakers are lawyers, it will never happen.

  5. Tom the bottom line is this, the reason that no other plan is even being considered is because only HR3200 and plans like it allow for government controll of not only health care but our lives and finances. Control is what is is all about and that is why in Obama’s mind there is no other alternative!

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