The Ted Kennedy Healthcare Bill

If Senator Robert Byrd (D-VA) has his way, that’s what the healthcare bill would be called.  Perhaps that little tribute would help this monstrosity pass, but I don’t think so.

As long as We the People keep the pressure on Congress, and a few of the Congresscritters keep protesting the insanity of this bill, this bill will be DOA. 

One of the people that has their head on straight is my Representative, Mike Rogers (R-MI).  Here are some videos with some common sense analysis of the bill by Representative Rogers:

And then we have the Chairman, Representative Waxman (D-??) with his response to an objection with the wording and intent of a section of the healthcare bill:

Who seems to be better informed?  The people in favor of this bill, or the people not in favor of this bill? 

And what really makes sense?  Definitely not this turkey.

Representative Rogers isn’t the only person questioning the provisions of the healthcare bill.  Search on YouTube for Paul Ryan’s videos of him questioning the authors of the bill.

Folks, keep the pressure up on the Congresscritters to either dump this white elephant or put into place a fix to the system to help the 15% without penalizing the other 85%.


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9 Responses to The Ted Kennedy Healthcare Bill

  1. Ken Taylor says:

    I agree with you Tom. Those who are in opposition to Obamacare are much better informed about this debacle because we are the only people who have actually taken the time to READ either all or part of the bill. I, like you, do not think that using the death of Kennedy as a tool to force a passage by guilt of the bill because the people are so strongly against it.

    BTW, on another note. Have you ever noticed that Waxman looks like that rubber toy that you can squeeze and the eyes and ears bug out as the head expands when sqeezed ?

  2. Jennifer says:

    Rogers seems to know exactly what he is talking about compared to Waxman who is talking out his butt! He even needed someone to show him what he was supposed to be talking about. I think it’s appalling that democrats are using Kennedy’s death for political gain.

  3. Pete says:

    One of the reasons Mike Rogers and other conservatives are more informed about the plan is because conservatives for the most part deal in facts and reality, while the liberals deal in emotionalism. There couldn’t be a sharper contrast between the two congressmen. Rogers is a serious stand-up guy, while Waxman is an embarrassment and a weasel.

  4. Tom says:

    Ken – The thought is that the Democrats would rename the healthcare bill as a tribute or memorial to Ted Kennedy. What I think is ironic is that if Ted was on the system that is being proposed, he probably would not have had that extra year of life.

    Waxman looks like cross between a weasel and a wax figure from Madam Tussauds. Therefore, he is now Representative Waxweasel…

    Jennifer – The Democrats want to pass the bill in the worst way, and will use any means possible to do it.

    Pete – Rogers is ex-Army and an ex-FBI Special Agent. He one of the few that I exclude from my generalization of politicians that have personal gain on their agenda.

    Waxweasel is from California, and we know what is happening in that State both politically and economically. I too think he is a joke, and the video shows only one of the reasons for my opinion.

  5. There is just no way that honest Americans with concerns over this health scare bill are going to suddenly stop their objections just because Ted Kennedy died.

    If Dems continue to polticize Kennedy’s death in this manner the backlash that is growing against them already will be all the greater.

  6. Z says:

    Waxman’s MY representative, ain’t that great!?

    Mike Rogers is an American who understands the constitution and understands fiscal responsibility…I particularly liked the second video where he talked about the bold faced lie that we can KEEP OUR PRIVATE INSURANCE when WHO is going to FIND any after companies go the government option?!

    You’re lucky to have him…let’s hope America wakes up to how lucky we ALL are that some of our representatives put us before their socialist dream.

  7. Tom says:

    Mike – No, the objections won’t go away, they’ll probably be muted somewhat in respect…until the Dems start swinging the ugly stick marked “We won!”

    Z – You have my sympathies and condolences about Waxweasel being your Representative. I can only hope that the people in California see that their Representatives are NOT doing the jobs they were elected to and embarrassing the State of California.

  8. I hadn’t seen this video coverage before. Thanks for posting it.

    • Tom says:

      Of course not! The media is the Obama Propaganda Machine, and as such, will suppress as much opposition to HR3200 and its various incarnations as it can. Fortunately, we have Fox News and the Internet to get the facts.

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