“Bad Form!!”

The phrase “Bad form!!” is used colloquially in the description of inappropriate conduct or manners in society.  In many respects, this is an excellent description of the actions of various politicians in regards to protests, questions, and statements from angry and/or concerned citizens during the health care townhalls. (I must be stuck on lines from movies lately – the line was also used in the movie “Hook”)

Many of my fellow bloggers have chronicled and commented on reactions of various politicians (mostly Democratic and supporting the HR3200) during the health care townhalls.  There are reports of politicians moving times of the townhalls, stacking the audience with supporters and locking protesters out, ignoring or not answering questions, and escorting “unruly people” out of the meetings.  There is no shortage of news clips and YouTube videos documenting these actions.

When the respective leaders of the House and Senate calling the concerned citizens “Nazis”, “evil-mongers”, and a whole host of other names just demonstrates that they are attempting to quash or minimize the debate against the governmental administration of healthcare.  When the Campaigner in Chief calls Tea Party protests “idiotic” and loads his townhalls with supporters, it shows contempt for the people that he is supposed to represent and lead.  Both of the above shows a vast disconnect and ignorance with the will of the people that elected them to office in the first place.

But perhaps the greatest insult is the supposition that the American public must believe what the politicians are saying about this legislation.  Instead, the politicians are actually insulted that the American public reads the legislation that they don’t read or understand, and are better informed about the legislation than the politicians are defending and rushing to pass.  And when confronted, they go into attack mode, deny what is in the legislation (even if the person is reading directly from the legislation!), smearing the voters and concerned citizens, and asking for citizens to turn fellow citizens in to a website if there are indications of false or “fishy” information.

Bad form, bozos…

The American people have legitimate concerns over 1000+ pages of legislation that proposes to mandate that every American is to have health care insurance (private or public).  When the Congressional Budget Office reports that the House version will cost taxpayers $1 Trillion and the Senate version will cost $1.6 Trillion, people are rightfully concerned.  In reading HR3200 and the various analyses available from reputable sources, people become frightened.  If a person really sits down and starts looking at the bureaucratic nightmare that this legislation outlines, it becomes a hell that no insurance company with voice menus could ever match.  And if you really look at this legislation, there isn’t a lick of real reform in there – it’s all bureaucratic mumbo jumbo on how to reward special interests, expand government, and pay for it all with taxpayer dollars & penalties.

It makes you want to demand that the politicians wear their sponsor’s names on their suits like the Nascar racers do…

Because of their insulting and otherwise bad behavior, our elected leaders have lost the confidence and trust of the American people.  As a result, the Congressional and Presidential approval ratings are dropping day by day.  How can our leaders lead if they do not have the confidence of the people that elected them?  Are you ready to impose term limits on these people (i.e., vote them out)?

I am.


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14 Responses to “Bad Form!!”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I am sooo ready to impose term limits. the people of New Jersey seem especially stupid!!

    Great post as usual! I feel like that is what I say after each post anymore. You are on a roll, my friend.

    You’ve hit it spot on! The representatives can’t defend the bill against the truth so they start panicking and acting like morons. The left has become unhinged with all this nasty name calling!

  2. Leslie says:

    Yes, how dare Americans inform themselves and show distrust in their “representatives.” It is exciting to see so many people waking up and becoming informed!

    I too will say to these politicians BAD FORM!

    Good post Tom.

  3. Joe says:

    They hate us when we know more than they do. That’s why they hate us all the time.

  4. Ken Taylor says:

    There is one thing that I will actually give Obama credit for. He has succeeded in finally waking the American people up and taking a stand for our freedoms and aginst big government.

    The arrogance they display in ignoring and demonizing the people because they refuse to accept that Americans will not just sit back and allow them to destroy our country, this arrogance WILL BE THEIR UNDOING!

    House cleaning will come in 2010 and when Obama tries to ram this hellthcare,(spelling intentional), through in the fall he will become the first three year lame duck President because he will be toast! Though I do not think this debacle will pass because of the uprising of the people I do beleive that the arrogance of Obama, Pelosi and Reid will try to ram it through and it will the the last nail in their political coffins.

    Great post as always Tom!

  5. Joe says:

    Great post Tom, but I feel obligated to make one correction. It is not $1 billion and $1.6 billion, it is TRILLION with a T. And then NObama stands up and says it won’t cost any more tax money and might even save some. So why is he planning to tax people over $250,000 to pay for it??? Why is he planning to CUT Medicare by $500,000,000,000? He said all that bullshit in about 10 minutes in Portsmouth N.H. the other day. Talk about your BOZOS!

  6. Tom says:

    Jennifer & Leslie – Thank You!

    Joe – We, the voters, are only a means to an end with the politicians. We are a necessary “evil” to vote them into office so that they can accumulate power and reward their patrons. Also, I stand corrected on the mis-type. My editor was too busy getting a head-rub to proofread the post (a little to the left behind the ear….aaaaahhhhhhh!!) And I agree with the CBO – the numbers just don’t add up. Makes me wonder what else Obama is smoking behind the White House (now I’ve done it – I’m going to be flagged!)

    Ken – I can only hope that enough people have seen what an impact politicians, especially bad ones, can have on our lives. As you have pointed out, the arrogance of this Administration and Congress is unbelievable, and will (hopefully) become their undoing.

  7. Anna Puma says:

    Amen Tom.

    We are finally becoming the informed electorate the Founding Fathers always wanted. Lets not falter, lets not pause, but lets push forward. 2010 is merely the first game to defeat the Democrats in Congress. 2012 is the World Series as we send President Obama packing back to Chicago.

  8. Z says:

    Is 3 months too short a term?

  9. Tom says:

    Anna – I can only hope that Obama honks off enough of the Liberal & Democrat base that they would reject him for a second term.

    Z – One month was enough. The next 3 1/2 years are going to be torture.

  10. Indigo Red says:

    ” (even if the person is reading directly from the legislation!)”

    Not just the politicians, but average citizens with average IQs, people just like you and me, do exactly the same thing. It’s so very sad.

    I am listening to Sunday morning NPR. A woman is at a Town Hall meeting and she has a list of objectionable sections taken directly from HR3200 that she give to her representative. He promises to check them out.

    That’s nice. But, why doesn’t he already know? Why, so late in the game, is this Congressman just checking it out?

    Without doing theit homework, these folks in office simply are not representing us anymore. They’ve got the go.

    Problem: it’s always the other guy’s Congressman that is the Bozo. “My” Congressman is the greatest guy ever. Consequently, the same folks are elected.

  11. “Bad Form”??

    You are being SO kind.


  12. Tom says:

    Indigo Red – Some people do know that their Representative is the worst of the worst, but the opposition cannot put up a viable candidate. I do know that my representative (Mike Rogers (R)) is one of the better ones, but my Senators (Stabenow and Levin (D)) are morons, at least from my perspective.

    BZ – I do try to run a polite & clean blog….most of the time. Besides, I’ve been getting hung up on movie quotes & lines lately – just seemed to be appropriate.

  13. benning says:

    “It makes you want to demand that the politicians wear their sponsor’s names on their suits like the Nascar racers do…”

    Wouldn’t that be something to see?

    Of course it would be nice if the rules required that all bills were read, in their entirety, in both houses of Congress, before debate and voting. But that would take time away from their golf games and brunches with the Lobbyists.

  14. Tom says:

    Benning – And overseas junkets on the taxpayer dollar…

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