A Modern Parable

Unabashedly stolen from The People’s Cube in the Comments Section.

The Parable of the Loafing Fisherman

Obama the Father had two sons, Joe Plumber and Hugh Henrietta.  Joe saveth his meager dough and bought a hut in the cheap section of the village so he would not have to give all his silver coins to the moneychangers.  But Hugh fell for the siren song of the real estate agent of Satan and bought the King’s summer palace even though he made not much from his craft as a twig salesman.  Many weeks later, Joe sat happily in his hut drinking grog and watching the goat (there was no TV then) but Hugh was beset by moneychangers demanding more change and less hope.

Hugh went to Obama the Father and spake, "I’m really in deep shit, those moneychangers want to repo my digs."  Obama the Father replied, "I will help you by TARPing the moneychangers and making them accept the same payment as your brother Joe pays for his hut."  Hugh was pleased but Joe stank with outrage: "Why didst thou bail out my spendthrift brother but giveth not a dime to me?  I was the responsible one!"  Obama the Father replied, "Fool, you had the same chance to buy a summer palace but chose not to take it!  To punish your short sightedness, I will tax your grog and your goat to pay for your brother’s TARP.  Be gone, now!"

And so it came to pass that Joe pissed away much of his grog paying for his brother’s TARP while his brother lived happily ever after until 6 months later when he was run over by an ox cart while trying to buy drugs.

The moral of this story: under socialism, you’re only as smart as your stupidest neighbor.

“The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher

There’s Got To Be A Better Plan

Let’s consider the following video on what HR3200 (potentially renamed the Obama/Kennedy Healthcare Plan) will and will not do (h/t to Mike’s America):

This is what 1,000+ pages of fertilizer is going to do to the American citizenry.  In case there are people out there that don’t understand what citizenry means, it means you and me (unless you are from another country, which means you either get a free pass because you’re illegal, or you currently reside in another country).  Of course, since our elected leaders are, well, our leaders, they are exempt from this legislation as well as their Union lackeys.  None of this is right, just, or fair, but since when did that matter to them?

What I also keep hearing from the media is that this is the only plan available, and the Republicans have nothing to counter this product of hard-working for-the-people Democrats.  Excuse me, but that is a load of manure, and they know it!  Three Republican healthcare proposals have been introduced for consideration!!

From CNSNews:

The three Republican bills total almost 400 pages and have been on the table since May and June.

In May, Republicans in the House and the Senate formed a bicameral coalition to produce the130-page “Patients Choice Act of 2009.”

In June, Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) introduced the “Health Care Freedom Plan,” a 41-page proposal.

And in July, the Republican Study Committee, under the leadership of Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), unveiled the “Empowering Patients First Act,” a 130-page plan.

Some of the provisions included in one or more of the bills include: investing in preventive medicine, an overhaul of Medicaid, reduction of abuse and fraud in the Medicare program, supplemental health insurance for low-income families, tax credits for health insurance, and a ban on federal funds being used for abortions.

I have looked over the summaries of each of the above proposals.  Gone is the bureaucratic nonsense of setting up patient review boards, mandated counseling of seniors, poking around in your bank accounts, payoffs to questionable sources, penalties to employers & citizens alike, and Trillions of dollars of debt.

HR3200 is a bill with over 1,000 pages of nonsensical bureaucratic garbage which does nothing but enlarge government.  Compare that with a combined 400-page count of three common-sense proposals which will at least attempt to reform a system that is working for 85% of Americans.  Which do you think meets the Tom’s Place K.I.S.S Principle?

However, one of the problems with the current system of healthcare that is not addressed by any of the motions is tort reform.  I think that the reason for this is that many of the politicians are lawyers, and God-forbid that they would set limits on the settlements of lawsuits that would limit the income of their brethren!  I have read that up to 40% of lawsuits brought against doctors have no legal basis! Consider this excerpt from IBD Editorials and judge for yourself:

The accounting firm Price-Waterhouse-Coopers says about 10% of the cost of medical service is attributable to medical malpractice lawsuits. Roughly 2% is caused by direct costs of the lawsuits; an additional 5% to 9% is due to expenses run up by defensive medicine.

Defensive medicine is generally defined as running extra tests for purposes of CYA by the doctor just in case something goes awry for the most innocent of reasons so the doctor can show due diligence in his treatment of patients and not be sued.  And we wonder why when we go to the doctor for routine checkups we get multiple tests which we think are totally unrelated for our visit in the first place.  From a different IBD Editorial article:

According to the 900 doctors anonymously surveyed, on average, 18% to 28% of tests, procedures, referrals and consultations and 13% of hospitalizations were ordered to avoid lawsuits. All of this adds at least $1.4 billion to annual health care costs in Massachusetts alone, and national estimates range as high as $200 billion.

Now I’m not suggesting that the patients that are truly injured by bad doctors not be compensated.  Rather, the stupid stuff that drives up costs for everyone should be eliminated.

Our politicians need to buckle down and serve this country and its people before serving anyone or anything else.  That’s what they were elected to do.  Remind them of this fact, or you will fire them come election time.

The Ted Kennedy Healthcare Bill

If Senator Robert Byrd (D-VA) has his way, that’s what the healthcare bill would be called.  Perhaps that little tribute would help this monstrosity pass, but I don’t think so.

As long as We the People keep the pressure on Congress, and a few of the Congresscritters keep protesting the insanity of this bill, this bill will be DOA. 

One of the people that has their head on straight is my Representative, Mike Rogers (R-MI).  Here are some videos with some common sense analysis of the bill by Representative Rogers:

And then we have the Chairman, Representative Waxman (D-??) with his response to an objection with the wording and intent of a section of the healthcare bill:

Who seems to be better informed?  The people in favor of this bill, or the people not in favor of this bill? 

And what really makes sense?  Definitely not this turkey.

Representative Rogers isn’t the only person questioning the provisions of the healthcare bill.  Search on YouTube for Paul Ryan’s videos of him questioning the authors of the bill.

Folks, keep the pressure up on the Congresscritters to either dump this white elephant or put into place a fix to the system to help the 15% without penalizing the other 85%.

Disrespectful Hypocrisy

Being away from blogging for a week doing something else helps a person from flying off the handle and writing something inane or insane, depending on your point of view.  It gives one an opportunity to look around with fresh eyes, a chance to ruminate on the events of the week.  For instance:

The Joker/Obama sign has been making the rounds, being seen at various town halls with various captions.  And then there are the Obama/Hitler signs, the parodies of Obama campaign signs & slogans, and so on.  Of course, the Obama supporters are screaming, and throwing around accusations of racism, being disrespectful, and many other fairly nasty comments about the signs and slogans.

What these supporters have conveniently forgotten is that they did much the same thing to President Bush when he was in office, and quite frankly, the critical lambasting that President Bush endured was far, far worse.  The critics of President Bush called it “freedom of expression & speech” at that time, and defended their actions under the First Amendment.

Anyone else getting the faintest whiff of manure here?  If not, then let’s take another example.

Hundreds of average citizens show up at the town halls to ask their Representatives questions and/or register their disapproval (sometimes loudly) to the President’s and Congress’s plan to reform healthcare.  They are not part of a formal organization, just average citizens.  But the supporters of the reform plan have portrayed them as being part of some organization whose purpose is to discredit the President and sink the “vital legislation before Congress” that would benefit all Americans.  Even the political leaders supporting the legislation have called these citizens “un-American”, “un-patriotic”, swastika-carrying, astro-turfing political terrorists.

Contrast this to the protests of Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink.  They were small (in number) & outspoken critics of another President, and their actions were hailed as legitimate protests of policies promoted by that President.  Were they called un-American and un-patriotic?  Not really, and not with any vigor like the citizens protesting healthcare reform.  Their actions were considered of near heroic proportions, and reported as such by the media.

Smell getting stronger?  No?  Let’s keep going with a couple more examples.

Politicians are strange beasts,  They claim to represent the will of the people that elected them, but at the same time, vote for legislation that they don’t read, can’t understand, and when confronted by citizens objecting to that legislation, ignore or argue with.  As stated previously, the politicians also malign their constituents with various derogatory comments.

The media generally sides with Democratic / Liberal politicians.  This becomes rather obvious when comparing the coverage of President Bush’s critics and President Obama’s critics.  When looking at the coverage between the supporters and critics of healthcare reform, the gap of fair, balanced reporting becomes almost laughable.

Yes, something really stinks, and it’s not dead fish in Denmark nor the manure pile at the dairy farm down the road…

Let’s consider the following from the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, …

The First Amendment guarantees that the Freedom of Speech and of the Press shall not be infringed upon by laws passed by Congress.  What it intended was that criticisms of the government by the citizenry could be heard and duly reported by the press.  What has happened is the government is not suppressing a fair and accurate reporting of criticisms, but members of the Press in support of political parties are. 

This was not intended by the Founders of this Country.  The intent was that the Press remain a neutral entity, able to report the dealings of government (good and bad), and the mood of the country & it’s citizens.  What has happened is that the Press has become nothing more than a propaganda machine for one viewpoint of the political process.  If you do not believe me, then watch the criticisms of Fox News vs. the criticisms of almost any other news media.  What is glossed over in one market is reported in another.

Our politicians and the media that we depend upon to govern with integrity and to neutrally report are falling far short of the idealism that they claim to adhere to.  They are being disrespectful of the people they represent and report to, and hypocritical in their actions.  And they wonder why we are being so critical and distrustful of them.  I can’t think of a better illustration of this than the following:

During a townhall on August 11 defending the healthcare reform bill, Claire McCaskill (D-MO) asked the crowd, “Don’t you trust me?”  The crowd shouted, “NO!” 

I rest my case.

Hi Ho…

…Hi Ho,
It’s off to School I go!
To study all day
And earn that “A”
Hi Ho, Hi Ho!!

Starting tomorrow, I’m headed back to school to see if this old dog can learn a couple of new tricks.  After five months of brain numbing activity with home improvements and honey-do lists, I need the break.

Posting will be light this next week, but I will try to visit people’s blogs & comment where I can (if I have something intelligent or witty to say).