What A Week!

This past week has been more than interesting, both on personal and professional levels.  Then we have the national political stage, but first things first.

First off, I’ve got a sick kitty.  We thought we had everything taken care of, but he’s now back under the weather, and for the next couple of weeks, will be spending time in the laundry room while he is being treated.  I always hate to see a pet sick.  (Thanks, Always On Watch, for your support.)

Next, I’ve had three phone interviews for jobs this past week.  But I didn’t pass any of them.  This is telling me a couple of things.  The first is that there are jobs out there.  The second is that if you are not the perfect candidate, i.e., fit the job qualifications & requirements perfectly, you will not be hired.  Companies are being very picky with who they hire – there is a large population of job seekers out there, and companies can afford to find the “perfect” candidate. 

But there is also another trend – contract work.  One of the last interviews was for contract work out of state for a 6 to 12 month assignment.  I have been seeing more an more contract positions being listed on job search sites.  Companies do not want to be burdened with providing benefits to full-time employees, so the alternative is to hire contract workers and skip the benefit route altogether.

So much for my life at the moment…

On the national stage, I simply cannot believe that our President would get involved in any way, shape, or form, with what I would term a misdemeanor offense.  I am referring, of course, the incident involving a Harvard professor and a police sergeant.  On national TV, admitting that he didn’t know all the facts in the case, and he still stated that the police “acted stupidly.”  Excuse me?  Just because that the professor was Black and the officer was White does not mean that the police were automatically wrong, racist, or “acted stupidly.”

I’m not going to comment further on the case other than the above.  I do understand that the police sergeant had his microphone keyed and that there is a recording of the incident.  It will be interesting to see if that tape ever surfaces.

But I think that the person acting stupidly was the President because he commented on an incident that he didn’t know the facts of, and quite frankly, should not have touched the subject at all.

Sorry, Mr. President, I’ll call them like I see them – you goofed, and “acted stupidly.”


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2 Responses to What A Week!

  1. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    First, good luck on your job search.
    The president is the one who acted stupidly, I still can’t get over the fact that he admitted that he didn’t know the facts of the case and still made his comment. He owes Crowley a public apolory, not a beer in private followed by a possible apology. He insulted Crowley in fron of the world and he needs to apologize in front of the world.

  2. Tom says:

    Thanks for the luck – Millions besides me need it.

    BO will never apologize outright unless it is politically expedient to do so. He’s already offered a half-a&& apology, but that’s not flying very well with the LEOs and their Unions.

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