Reverse Racism

I guess I just can’t get away from commenting further on the Professor Gates arrest for disorderly conduct, and President Obama’s “acting stupidly” comment.  Perhaps this incident offends my sense of fair play, the idea of “innocent before proven guilty,” or the thought that a highly educated professor at one of the nations most respected institutions feels the need to accuse a police officer investigating a possible break in at his residence of racism.  One does wonder if alcohol was involved, but I digress…

Always on Watch has an excellent post of the incident (here), and a video from a Pastor Manning (below).  Viewing the video is probably better than any comment that I could make other than people of color should listen to the Pastor and understand how foolish they are when accusing others of racism:

Let’s consider this statement from an earlier post:

His [Dr. Martin Luther King] vision looked for the Negro people to stand side by side with the White people as equals, and to get there by self-sufficiency, not by a government mandate. He wanted his people to rise up to their potential, to stand on their own two feet, not by some law or subsidy. Patronage of the Negro was not his vision, but to join the human race as equals to any other ethnic group, to enjoy the fruits of hard labor through equal opportunity, and not through quotas. It is truly a travesty that his own people have hindered this vision instead of completing it.

Do the constant complaints of racism where there is none really achieve this goal?  No, they do not.  What the baseless accusations do is deepen the chasm between all people, and hinder any civility that our society is trying to accomplish.

This is what our wonderful, politically-correct, non-confrontational society has borne – the apparent elevation of one group over another.  All by one word that both offends and puts everyone on the defense.  And this is why I believe hate crimes such as an accusation of racism is not beneficial to anyone.  It gets in the way by presuming beliefs are more important than the facts of the potential crime or dispute.  So now it is an emotional or thought crime, not an actual one.

Starting to sound like 1984 or Minority Report all over again…

Morgan Freeman has a solution to the racism problem:

Is it really that simple?  That only depends on if the hate-mongers among us, of all colors, decide to decease & desist from the useless rhetoric that divides instead of uniting.  From the same past post – try this instead:

Stop the politicking and fundraisers, and turn your attention to changing the attitudes of the people you claim to represent. Aid them in finding solutions instead of assigning blame. Support getting the able-bodied off of Welfare, and find jobs, educational opportunities, and other positions that will improve their standard of living. Recognize the rapper/drug culture for what it is, a self-destructive blight upon your people, and kill it. Instill in these same people self-respect and self-control, the understanding of tolerance, and the fruits of social change will be forthcoming. You, the self-appointed leaders of your race/community must first demonstrate leadership before any positive changes can even be expected to occur.

Unfortunately, highlighting perceived inequalities, slights, and making inflammatory speeches is where these “leaders” garner attention, power, and yes, money.

Are there idiots out there that are racists and cause harm on the basis of skin color?  Yes, there are.  That cannot be denied.  But calling every incident between people of different ethnicities racially motivated detracts from any problems and becomes a problem in of itself.  Thus, the actual problem gets lost in the shuffle.  Which kind of begs the question:

Why can’t we all get along?

10 thoughts on “Reverse Racism

  1. Gates is a perfect example of why race issues keep raising their ugly heads in this country.

    He is so offended by being black that he has to draw attention to it and demean it every chance he gets…whether in the classroom, or breaking into a home.

    That’s too bad, because it perpetuates racism in our society.

    Freeman is a genius!

    Try as hard as they might, white people cannot become color blind because people like Gates keep forcing the issue to the fore

  2. Tom,
    First, thank you for the link — and for reposting Pastor Manning’s video.

    Second, I am absolutely appalled that BHO, our nation’s top executive (law enforcement?) said such a stupid thing in his press conference earlier this week. Before his term is up, he’s going to set back race relations, I believe. I think that it’s clear — to me, anyway — that BHO took the black man’s side over the white policeman’s professionalism. I don’t believe that if the races had been reversed BHO would have taken the side of the arrestee.

    In my lifetime, America has come so far with regard to the issue of racism. If he’s not careful, BHO is going to upend that progress. 😦

  3. I’ve seen both videos before and posted the Freeman video not long ago. They are both excellent videos, but you know that.

    You make really good points with this post. It’s obvious that Obama isn’t doing much to help race relations either. Would he have taken up for Gates if Gates had been white and the Cop had been black? Somehow I don’t think so. Now, what if Gates had been a white friend of his and the cop a black stranger? My guess is Obama would have kept his big mouth shut, or else he would have thrown his white friend under the bus too. He seems to have a record of doing that!

  4. Joe – Gates is a Harvard professor, friend of the President, and black. He feels that he is special, and should never be questioned. That, I believe, is the reason that this incident occurred.

    Jennifer – Thank You!

    AOW – You are most welcome! BO has shown that is is not neutral in the race issue – he is a racist. Note: There are some passages in his book “Dreams from My Father” that show this mindset.

    Gayle – It’s hard telling what he would do, but I think I would agree with you on his actions per your scenario – he would have stayed away from commenting on the situation.

  5. Boy, Tom (and thanks for weighing in on Matt’s post), you get it so right here…including Morgan Freeman’s video was an excellent idea; he really stunned me with that one.
    Until we STOP calling everything RACIST, we’re never going to succeed in getting ahead. Until race pimps like Jackson and Sharpton stop living off the difficulties of their people, we’re not going to succeed, either.
    It’s time we start being Americans and just live our lives, no blame, no bad behavior which propagates generalizations. Thanks…this was interesting to read.

  6. Tom, excellent post. I think Obama was out of line in commenting at all about local police matters. His friend being involved makes it more important that he NOT comment. But since he did, and it wasn’t scripted, it proved his very limited vocabulary and his intolerance for whites. Which I suspected during the campaign. I believe that the more unscripted Obama is the more we will see his true colors, no pun intended.

  7. Tom,
    Morgan Freeman hit it right on the nose! The standard cliché used by the media, sleazy politicians, and the race industry has always been that “we don’t talk enough about race.”
    Of course, nothing can be further from the truth. I believe that we talk about race way too much. Believe it or not, in New York, the races get along pretty well until race-baiters like Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and Louis Farrakhan get involved. These charlatans prey on the angry and ignorant in order to make a damn good living for themselves. Let’s just forget about race, stop focusing on it, and get on with living our lives to the best of our abilities. It would also be nice if the race industry took notice of who currently inhabits the White House; this in a country that is only between 12 to 13 percent black.
    Enough already!

  8. Z, Pamela, Pete, & AOW:

    Racist is one of those words that attacks and puts a person on the defensive even if the accusation is not true. Using the word repeatedly without a basis in fact only widens the rift between people of different ethnic backgrounds. (I know – that sounds soooo PC…)

    President Obama should have stayed out of this incident, friend or no friend, especially since he admitted that he didn’t know the facts of the matter.

    The “so-called” leaders of the Black community are just as racist as Gates and Obama. I have watched them over the years – they are quick to accuse non-Blacks of racism, and rarely apologize for any false accusations they make. Just like Obama and Gates not making any apologies for their false statements.


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