Voice From The Past on National Healthcare

The subject of a “national healthcare system” is not a new one.  From over 40 years ago, the immortal Ronald Reagan:

Ronald Reagan on Socialized Medicine (1961)

In light of the language of the legislation as detailed below, no matter what name the politicians are calling it or what scare tactics they are using, the Health Care Reform Bill is a socialist health care bill.

Time to write and call your Senators.


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5 Responses to Voice From The Past on National Healthcare

  1. Jennifer says:

    They have been fighting it this long, we will have to continue the fight!!

  2. Today, I’ve been looking at some of the proposals in ObamaKare.


    We’re in for it if some of the provisions are included.

    We’ll be FORCED into managed care — unless we’re lucky enough to be members of the oligarchy this administration is creating.

    For example:

    And as soon as anything changes in your contract — such as a change in copays or deductibles, which many insurers change every year — you’ll have to move into a qualified plan instead (House bill, p. 16-17).

  3. If only we had a viable Republican leader with Reagan’s wisdom, common sense and charisma.

  4. Tom says:

    Jennifer – The only way to fight this is to call, write, and otherwise be a pain in the politician’s hind end, and threaten to vote them out if they do not do the right thing.

    AOW – The longer this bill sits around, the more BS gets uncovered. I do not believe any politician has read this massive Charlie-Fox to see what it really will do to American People. If they had, then this monstrosity would never have been considered (providing the politicians have a concience).

    Pasadena – We do not have competent leaders in power. I don’t care if the leader is Democrat, Republican, or a natural-born Martian.

  5. Mustang says:

    As ACORN begins to work convincing minorities that National Health Care is the answer to all their problems, and as blue-dog democrats begin to jockey for concessions that will best serve their own interests, the rest of us should keep a clear focus on what is going on here. The issue is no more than an invented crisis designed to enable government to assert that much more power over the people. We don’t have to understand the entire bill to recognize simple math.

    The argument is that 50 million Americans are without health care. Now subtract 20 million illegal aliens. Of the remaining 30 million, half ‘opted out’ of employer provided health care. That may leave us 15 million actual needy individuals. Divided by 50 states, we’re talking about somewhere in the neighborhood of 600-thousand citizens who require health care intervention. That comes to about 5% of the population. And these people can be provided with health care intervention by their state of domicile. Will there be a cost to the citizens of those states? Of course, but the people have far more say about such things within the state framework than they do at the national (federal) level.

    What is there not to understand about this? The purpose of the Constitution is to limit government power over we the people; how is the imposition of National Health Care constitutional?

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