HR2454 Post Coverage

I was surfing through the news channels this morning and saw something that really states what the media considers important.  Hint:  It’s not our government.

Just about all the media outlets, including Fox News, were going on and on about the demise of Michael Jackson, and very little on last night’s narrow passage of HR2454.  For every 5 minutes spent on HR2454, there were at least 20 minutes spent on the troubled entertainer.

What also p****d me off was the revelation by the mainstream media that this bill, if passed by the Senate and signed by the President, would cost the average American household an additional $1500 per year in energy related costs.  They also stated that this is a tax paid by the energy companies, and that the costs would be passed on to the customer.


Where the h**l was the media in reporting this information before the vote?  If anything, these facts were totally ignored.  Perhaps they were afraid that the bill would be defeated in the House, but could be passed in the Senate without problems.

Bastards…  We’ll see about that…

Since this has slipped out before reaching the Senate floor, it now has a chance of being defeated providing the American people tell their Senators “enough is enough.”  I sure don’t have an extra $125 a month to spend, and this sure would kill the economy since that money would not be spent on manufactured goods.

Just remember, the media isn’t working for us any more than the politicians are.  If the love-fest with ABC earlier this week didn’t prove it to you, this should.


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  1. Indigo Red says:

    This was the first time I was thankful for the Weather Channel. Weather can be very entertaining.

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