It’s a Done Deal.

Yes, it’s now official:  Fiat now owns Chrysler without paying a penny.  Instead, they bartered technology.

My only question is:  Where is Chrysler going to get the money to use the technology to put into their cars?  Supposedly, Chrysler doesn’t have any money – they’re broke.  Otherwise, why did Chrysler declare bankruptcy?

Oh boy, oh joy…


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4 Responses to It’s a Done Deal.

  1. My dad bought nothing but Chryler products from 1967 on.

    I’m glad that my father didn’t live to see this day when Fiat bought Chrysler.

  2. Z says:

    I’m with Always On Watch; I couldn’t IMAGINE my saying “I’m glad my father didn’t live to…” but there are SO MANY THINGS I’m glad NOW that he didn’t see, that wonderful America-loving man.
    There’s something odd going on, Tom….you’re SO right about money/technology.
    It’ll be the same with pharmaceuticals when we own them and there’s no money: no technology.
    I wish the obama people would think ONE thing through. so far, no good.

  3. Tom says:

    AOW & Z – The times are a-changing, and I don’t think that they are changing for the better.

    My parents are still alive, wondering if the rest of their retirement life is going to be enjoyable. They are feeling the pinch of the changing economy.

    At least we will all be equally miserable when this is all over with…

  4. Joe says:

    The comic strip character, Pogo, used to comment about the Soviet Union. He reminded us that in the USSR everybody was equal. Starving, but equal starving.

    We are headed headlong in that direction.

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