Do As I Say…

…not as I do…

Last night, Barry took Michelle to New York for dinner and a play.  The trip included transportation on Air Force One, a limousine, and bodyguards.  Probably also had champagne as well.

Of course, this was all on the taxpayer’s dollar.

Isn’t this the person that has stated that everyone needs to cut back in this dire economy?  What about reducing everyone’s carbon footprint?  Jumbo jets and limos don’t run on happy thoughts.

Considering that the government will own 72% of GM after tomorrow’s expected Chapter 11 filing and buying that much interest with $70 Billion of your taxpayer dollars, I think it was more of a celebratory dinner than a date.

If you are not outraged by now, you should be.


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One Response to Do As I Say…

  1. Indigo Red says:

    And on the way home, Barry and Mickey buzzed low over NYC just for kicks.

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