Just a Small Sabbatical…

As many of you know, I’m an out of work engineer of the electrical persuasion.  Now before any of you start making cracks, just remember – I am computer literate and I can get your IP addresses…

Just kidding…

While this is a time that there is lots to post about, I don’t seem to have the time.  Yeah, time.  You would think otherwise.

Finding that the traditional ways of finding a job do not work in this economy, and that those methods are somewhat outdated as well, I am embarking on several small learning projects that should help improve the skill set and hopefully, my marketability.  This, of course, will take time and energy, which are finite in this universe and life.

Thus, I will most likely not be posting for a couple of weeks unless something catches my eye.  I will attempt to visit blogs on the blogroll, but that is going to be a stretch.

To quote a mechanical being from the future, “I’ll be back…”

6 thoughts on “Just a Small Sabbatical…

  1. We will look forward to your return with shrimp in our mouths (baited breath…get it?).

    Don’t be too long, though, or I’ll have to bug your IP.

  2. Mr. Pink Eyes – I believe things will work out. Just need time and patience.

    Joe – I can take shrimp – we can cook those with a nice sauce and noodles. Just keep the worms in the ground…or on the hook where they belong. At least it wasn’t minnows. (Hey, I used to fish A LOT!)

  3. Hey, my anti-spam word is BROAD. How’d it KNOW? (Smile)
    Tom, prayers to you that things go well……..

  4. I partially lost my job May 21. I was kept on p/t to train my former boss to do my former job until he feels comfortable with it. He’s finding the job is bigger and more complex than he thought and I made it look. I was the job scheduler for an electronics mfg company making communications support equipment.

    Though I’ve only started to find another job, I already have run into the same speedbumps – ancient skill set (four yrs) v. kids right out of college with near Borg skills, and older folks with decades of experience… Glad I still have Internet. Without it, a body is up the proverbial creek without a paddle cuz newspapers don’t have print job classifieds anymore.

    I’m right there with ya, Tom… this sucks!

  5. Z – My anti-spam word was “toasted”, which is how I feel. How did it know? Thank you for your prayers.

    Indigo – I’m sorry to read that you just lost your job. It is very rough out there right now. Hope you are OK for the duration (until the Borg come to assimilate us…)

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