Government Car Warranty Repair

A couple of weeks ago, President Obama went out of his way to reassure new car owners that should GM or Chrysler declare bankruptcy, the government would guarantee the warranties on the vehicles.  While the intent was admirable, the effect was less than desirable – people stayed away from buying cars.

Perhaps they were thinking along the lines of the following scenario:

Scene:  Car owner pushes a Buick to a Government authorized repair facility.

GM Technician:   Welcome to the Obama Auto Repair Center!  How can I help you?

Car Owner:  Whew, my engine fell out a few miles down the road and this car is only a year old!  I’m glad it’s under warranty (produces warranty)

GM Technician:  I see, hmm, are you sure you need an engine?

Car owner:  What?!?!  How can you say that!?   I want an engine put in my car now!

GM Technician:  No need to be rude sir,.. (Types on a portable laptop)…well!  The only reports of engines falling out from GM cars are from owners who have a Chevy.   So far, no reports of engines falling out of Buicks. It must have been something you did!  

Car Owner:  But..but how can you say that?   My car is a Buick and the Chevy model of the same type has had reports of it’s engine falling out!

GM Technician:  Yes, and if your car was a Chevy, we would fix it for free!

Car Owner:  Well, how much will it cost me to fix it?

GM Technician:  Thirty thousand!

Car Owner:  Thirty Thousand!?!?   I could buy a new car for that!

GM Technician:  And don’t think we wouldn’t like that, but you should just opt for the repair – otherwise, you need to pay the 50% sales tax.

Car Owner:  (Sigh) Ok, just repair it.

GM Technician: Ok!  Say, would you like to put a Chevy motor in it?  They are the same car you know!

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3 Responses to Government Car Warranty Repair

  1. Joe says:

    O man! I can hardly wait!

    I drive a 1995 Saturn (a GM car)that needs a lot of work. Do you think the government warranty will cover it for me?

    I paid $16,000.00 for it new.

  2. Kris says:

    Haha, that is too funny. Good one.

  3. NEO, SOC says:

    definitely a good one. So sorry Joe.

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