TEA Party Epilogue – Part 2

And the media wonders why the average American, whether they attended a TEA Party or not, becomes offended by the media.

For instance, here’s Janeane Garofalo foaming at the mouth playing the race card:

Let me make it perfectly clear here and now:  I am not a racist, and I support the premise behind the TEA Parties.  I don’t care if the person in the White House is black, white, red, or green – they all have an equal opportunity to screw it up or to serve the country’s best interests without trampling on the Constitution or burdening the taxpayer with un-Godly debt in the future.

Next is a video of Susan Roesgen (mentioned in Part 1) with comments from Hugh Hughwitt and Dennis Miller:

Journalism? Reporting? HAH!! Not when it contradicts the “reporter’s” or “journalist’s” opinion or the “official” party line of the network they represent.  If this were not so, then Ms. Roesgen would have been let go immediately.

Perhaps Ms. Garofalo and Ms. Roesgen should view the next video.  It not only describes what the TEA Party protests were about, but shows how news should be reported.

Finally, here’s a video from Thomas Paine (played by Bob Basso):

While I do not agree with some of Mr. Paine/Basso points, he does bring up several issues that I do agree with.  A couple of these are that our elected representative do not represent us, the people, and vote themselves perks and raises that they, quite frankly, do not deserve.

Personally, I think the better course of action by Congress in dealing with the current economic crisis was not to borrow Billions of Future Taxpayer dollars & redistribute around to various places (too slow and too expensive).  Rather, grant every every American Taxpayer the next year without paying an income tax.  Investments and consumer spending would increase accordingly, and raise the economy out of the doldrums we are in.  Isn’t that what the “stimulus bill” is supposed to do?

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3 Responses to TEA Party Epilogue – Part 2

  1. Joe says:

    Garafalo is a non-entity.

    Susan Roesgen has never been, is not now and never will be a journalist OR a reporter.

    Attendance at Tea Parties was GROSSLY under-reported. At ours there were upwards of 6,000, while the media reported “hundreds.”

    The Paine/Basso video was pretty inspiring.


  2. Janeane Garofalo, in a condescending rant, has apparently decided that anyone who disagrees with her political viewpoint is a racist, “with a neurological problem.” The ad hominem attacks are flying fast and furiously.

    Is this power grab not reminiscent of Stalin, who wanted to put away, by any means, any and all who disagreed with him?

    I rather imagine that, just a few years ago, Garofalo was a strong supporter of the right to dissent. No longer! 😯

    Ah, well, the left is swinging high, wide, and handsome right now as they sense a grasp on political power. And they don’t plan on losing that grasp, either.

    America is being tested right now. Which way are we going to go?

    If we don’t overturn some seats in Congress in 2010, our nation will be a socialist state. Perhaps even a fascist state.

  3. Tom says:

    Isn’t it interesting that the Liberals state that debate is the enlightened way for them until you disagree with their ideas? Then they want to shut you down (or up). A prime example is the resurrection of the idea of the Fairness Doctrine.

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