Four Weeks and Counting…

Four weeks ago was my last day at Chrysler.  And yesterday was the day that I got my final check from Chrysler.  It’s sad because I have 11 years tied up in that place, and it almost seems like it was a waste of time because of how things turned out.  Yes, it still sucks…

One would think that I would have lots of time to peruse the ‘net, and visit everyone on the blogroll every day.  That’s not the case as many of you know that I haven’t visited very much.

My days roughly go like this:  Wake up & see the wife out the door.  Get breakfast and make coffee while the computer boots up.  Settle down with coffee & answer email and look at job postings and apply to the most promising.  When that’s done, then it’s working on a website for a fellow refugee opening up a stained glass business.  Somewhere in there it’s making house repairs since the winter wasn’t very kind to the house.

While it’s nice that I have the time to do the repairs, I find myself getting about as depressed as the Michigan economy.  No nibbles on the job front, and this is the longest that I have been out of work times two.  All of this contributes to a sense of anxious depression.  It’s hard to handle a situation that I have prepared for, but haven’t experienced in my professional life.  It is hard trying to keep the spirits up while trying to find a job in a market with 30,000 other engineers in the same boat applying for the same job.  Frustration only begins to cover the efforts on the job front.

I hope to settle down into a routine that includes more visits and postings as well as taking care of the essentials.  Bear with me as I continue down this path in the journey of life.

In the meantime, I look at the state of the economy nationwide, and the promises made by our President while he jets all over the world making faux pas & apologies for the success of our country.  Wall Street & the financiers get passes on their losses & lack of foresight, and the automotive companies get raked over the coals for the same thing.  All one has to do is look at who made and received campaign contributions, and then it all makes perfect sense as to why that is.

The promised change seems to be for the worse, and the hope is fading to despair even for the stoutest of Obots…  My fear is that the country will burn while the President fiddles around with his global song & dance (and that was a second-rate act, wasn’t it?).

That’s all for now, but I have another post in the works.  Until then, take care.


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2 Responses to Four Weeks and Counting…

  1. Joe says:

    I can relate to the job loss thing.

    It can be depressing, but something will turn up, especially as the economy rebounds…which it will in time…I just hope it IS in time.

  2. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    I am sorry to hear about your job loss. I hope that everything worls out for you. I know how losing your job feels and what you are going through but hang tough, things will turn around.

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