Spring Showers?


A tree in my backyard with new snow all over the place.  There’s four-inches of snow so far, and more is on the way.

And we thought Global Warming was to take care of spring snow storms…


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6 Responses to Spring Showers?

  1. Teresa says:

    That is wrong! We got flurries here this morning, but nothing stuck. Still, I was flip flops and shorts last week.

    Hope the Spartans do well tonight!

  2. Mustang says:

    I cannot imagine Gore Almighty will much appreciate your sarcasm, Tom. You may get a terse note with strong letter to follow from Dr. Doom. I think rather than bemoaning snow, you should be grateful it isn’t magma.

    We don’t do snow where I live, but I do think you have to admit that snow is no more than solid rain. In that context, the weather dude wasn’t completely wrong, was he? Now don’t you feel better?

  3. Tom says:

    Teresa: Snow is a four-letter word for this time of year. And Michigan State in the NCAA Championships is the best news that the State of Michigan has had in a long time. Too bad that this feeling won’t last past a couple of weeks.

    Mustang: I could care less about what the Goracle says, especially when I look back on previous posts on Global Warming and Al Gore. And speaking of magma, all a medium-sized volcano has to do is blow its top, and it would spew out more greenhouse gasses in a week than what mankind could do in a couple of years.

    Yeah, I know – snow is frozen sunshine the Southerners send up to the Yanks…

  4. Z says:

    Well, this LA girl thinks that’s GORGEOUS and, though our weather’s been utterly spectacular here the last few days, at least we’re MAYBE getting some rain this week…please!!?

    thanks for the pic, Tom!

  5. LASunsett says:


    In regards to the comments of our good friend Mustang, I think you are beginning to see what I put up with on a regular basis. He loves to taunt northerners about the weather. He is sated with sarcasm and he always has an angle.

    Keep your eyes on him. 😉 😎

  6. Tom says:

    Z – Snow loses its beauty after several rounds of shoveling coupled with the cold weather. We ended up with 6 more inches of snow, and flurries today. We’ve had around 96 inches of snow this winter (fortunately, not all at once). Glad you had good weather, though.

    LA – And you went to visit him at his place knowing all this beforehand? Brave person, indeed, especially visiting a place that he calls “Chesty Acres” (must be near or next to the beach).

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