What’s a Few Billion Between Friends?

First, there was the pork-laden $700 Billion for the banks.  Then there was the $800 Billion “Stimulus Bill” which was to help stymie the downward spiral of the economy (which President Obama declared pork & earmark free – it’s not).  House Democrats passed on Wednesday a spending bill for another $410 Billion (which has over 9,000 earmarks & pork), and President Obama is sending a $3.55 Trillion spending plan to Congress for approval which includes additional financial bailouts ($750 Billion) and a health-care plan ($634 Billion).  Last is a request by the Palestinian’s for aid to rebuild the Gaza Strip for $2.8 Billion, of which the United States is expected under the Obama administration to chip in “only” $900 Million.

And President Obama asked the American people last Tuesday to be responsible?  How can he ask the American people that when our elected leaders will not set the example for the rest of us to follow?  Who does he think he’s kidding?


But then again, one just has to look back just a few years to understand how Congress can think they can put one over on the American people.

Not too long ago, a storm called Katrina roared through New Orleans.  Massive destruction ensued, and lives were lost unnecessarily.  President Bush was blamed for the government’s mishandling of the disaster, even though the mayor and the governor clearly fell down on the job for not getting people out of harm’s way.  But among the political backlash, a truth was conveniently swept under the radar.

People didn’t know how to take care of themselves.  They couldn’t think nor take responsibility for themselves, and instead relied on the government to save them.  And look what happened.

Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves. – Ronald Reagan

But that is exactly what has happened.  Government has taken upon itself to run people’s lives to the point that Uncle Sam is a benefactor, not a protector.

So now the government, led by Liberals, wants to tax and spend worse than what they accused the previous administration of, and with large amounts of pork besides.  No wonder that there is a movement for a modern day “tea party” in several cities around the country.  These buzzards believe that they will get away with it.

Send a tea bag with a polite note to your Congress-critters.  They’ll appreciate it.

6 thoughts on “What’s a Few Billion Between Friends?

  1. I thought Obama asking the American people to be responsible was really beyond the pale. The Americans that have been responsible are being punished for it, and the ones who were NOT responsible are being rewarded.

  2. Responsible? Hah! Government wouldn’t know responsible if it bit them in the a$$! I just don’t understand how people can actually put their faith in government. They have such a great track record. I have faith in the individual but that isn’t happening anywhere in the near future.

  3. Debbie & Jennifer – Politicians have continued to be irresponsible for as long as I can remember, and we, the electorate, have allowed them to. The result is a mess that the politicians have created and continue to worsen.

  4. This is a guy who can look straight-faced into a camera and tell Americans there’s NO PORK in a bill with tattoo removal and frisbee parks on it. and $850 million for STD prevention.
    Well, with what they’re doing to US, as I said at my blog last week, we’ll NEED STD PREVENTION, right?!!!!

    He’s asking us to be responsible because he knows WORDS COUNT, and their EFFECT is obvious: It tells America we haven’t been responsible for the last 8 years…. that’s why he’s so often saying things that make it look like everything got neglected during Bush’s admin, you know that!

  5. It crosses my mind right now that BHO may well be a pathological liar. “Free of earmarks” is clearly a blatant lie, and the mainstream media this time aren’t even mentioning that lie as they did before in BHO’s first press conference. Even CBS News found fault with that lie — that one time.

    In any case, BHO is very convincing when he speaks. Consequently, I see even more “generational theft” heading America’s way.

    I’m glad that I’m old enough to be gone before the worst comes. At least, that is my hope.

  6. Z & AOW – When the media doesn’t do its job and covers for the outright lies & deceptions put forth by the politicians, then we are in really deep kimchee.

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