Review of 2008

This is the time of year that I like to look back and think about the some of the events that happened this year.  Without further ado…

2008 saw the first African-American elected to the position of President of the United States.  While historic in its own right, the hype concerning this event is a bit over the top.  As a previous post outlined, the presumption that this one person would right the wrongs that the previous administrations committed, never mind that some of the screw-ups originated with his own party…

And the interesting part is that his own party members are taking issue with at least one of the decisions concerning the inauguration festivities.  The President-Elect decided that he wanted have Pastor Rick Warren give the invocation prayer at his inauguration.  This selection offended the gay community, including Rep. Barney Frank, who proceeded to flame the President-Elect.  Which makes me wonder about something…

If the (Liberal) Democrats are the party of diversity, equality, and tolerance, shouldn’t they also tolerate different views upon issues instead taking the stand that only their viewpoint counts?  I guess not…

And in the midst of all this, the economy tanks after years of mismanagement by financial institutions and fiscal irresponsibility by the government.  Thousands of jobs are evaporating as companies downsize to stay in business or just go out of business.  the government gives or lends billions of dollars almost without a second thought to the financial sector, and then almost refuses to lend a pittance to the manufacturing sector.

Next on the list is the attack in India by Islamic extremists.  If anyone doubts that “tolerance” is not part of the radical lexicon, this deadly incident should clear things up.

As to add credence to the above, the firing of rockets by Hamas finally lead to the Israeles attacking Hamas positions in the Gaza strip.  Of course, the UN won’t or can’t do anything except add to their carbon footprint by spouting off.

I also noticed that the words “Climate Change” replaced “Global Warming” this year.  If the snow and cold weather with a mild summer doesn’t convince you that the rhetoric isn’t part of a huge scam, then the debate between scientists should.  Quite frankly, the mere fact that there are debates about Global Warming should be a warning sign that this is all opinion, and not scientific fact – it shows that the existence of Global warming cannot be proved by the scientific method.

That’s my short list.  I certainly hope that 2009 is a better year than 2008 for all of us.


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