Isn’t It a Tad Premature?

I was walking through the store and happened to look over at the book rack.  I saw a book titled, “Michelle Obama: First Lady of Hope.”  You must be kidding…

But then again, I shouldn’t be too surprised – the media has been singing the praises of a person who hasn’t even been sworn in.  Now his wife is to be fawned over as the standard of all First Ladies.  Ugh!

One wonders if the media would hold the soon to be President to the same standards of his predecessor.  He has been compared to FDR & Kennedy, so his place in history as a perfect President seems to be assured.  All without taking office and actually doing something.

There is something fundamentally wrong with bestowing the immortal status on a President who hasn’t taken the office and proving their worth.  But the media seems to be hell-bent on making it so.  And blindly, too.

Where I get concerned is that Mr. Obama, while in office, makes a mistake, one that costs this country dearly, and the media helps cover it up.  Who does the media now protect?  The citizens of this country that they claim to be protecting, or a shill for the Democratic Party?  Considering the way the media was leaning their stories, I don’t have to wonder a bit what they are going to do.  Unless those rating points are more important…

No, let’s wait and see what kind of leader he is before heaping praise upon Mr. Obama’s Presidency instead of something more smelly.


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6 Responses to Isn’t It a Tad Premature?

  1. Indigo Red says:

    I read this morning that Obama is chafing at his lack of freedom and constant press coverage of his every move. This is what he signed-up for as Messiah. If he’s already tired of the limelight and he hasn’t yet been sworn in, how ling before he’s tired of the presidency? Personally, I hope he calls it quits by 12:30pm Jan 20.

    • Tom says:

      Considering he and/or his handlers have set him up to be a rock-star/messiah, he hasn’t really gotten any bad coverage. I’m just wondering if he does goof up if the media would report it.

      But really, he should have known that his every move was going to be covered, if not by the press then by the Secret Service. Being POTUS means that you will have no privacy what so ever.

  2. Now his wife is to be fawned over as the standard of all First Ladies.

    I’m sure you’ve seen the comparisons between Michelle Obama and Jackie Kennedy. Give me a break! MO will never have Jackie’s fashion sense.

  3. Indigo Red says:

    Compared to Jackie Kennedy!!!! When do we start calling the First Lady Non-elect Mickey O?

  4. Tom says:

    AOW – I know what you mean. When MO walked out in that black and red dress when Barry clinched the election, I mentally cringed – that dress was ugly (not that I’m a fashionista, but it did absolutely nothing for her).

    Indigo – And I’m wondering if she will be another HRC in another 2-for-1 deal.

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