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There are a lot of ways I can look at the election results.  I can piss and moan about Obama being elected, but I don’t think that is the way to go in the long run.  Rather, I would like to hope for the best, that everything that we were expecting from this politician if he was elected doesn’t come to pass.  After all, the politician’s campaign promises almost always change once he (or she) is in office.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t get my digs in one last time before moving on…

Obama has run his platform on change & hope.  Now that he has achieved his campaign’s aims, he now has to deliver on the promises that he has made to all of his supporters.  That will be tricky as some of his supporters have conflicting agendas.  And we are anxiously awaiting the details on exactly how he’s going to do this.

I believe that I can safely state that the economy will be the main if not the only domestic issue that Obama must address when he first steps into office.  If the economy is not healthy, then any other program will meet with disaster.  Obama has his work cut out for him trying to part the seas of red ink.

Of other domestic interests will be universal health care and global warming.  To pay for all of the stimulus packages & perks that these interests have will be higher taxes.  I hate to break it to you, but someone will have to pay for it, and I can guarantee you that taxes will be raised on that 95% that Obama said that would not be affected.  The numbers just don’t add up, and the money will need to come from somewhere.

On the international scene is Iraq.  Once Obama takes office and is briefed on the reality that is in Iraq, his campaign promises may just fall flat.  He may jet around the globe meeting with foreign leaders and gathering accolades while explaining why he cannot bring the troops home from Iraq as fast as he promised.  I can also guarantee you that if a terrorist attack occurs on his watch, there will be hell to pay.

But there are a couple of other topics that I wanted to touch on.  And I know that these could possibly offend someone.  If so, please read the Comment Policies before turning the burner on "HI"…

I heard on the news that many foreign countries are hailing Obama’s election as a milestone, proving that the United States no longer has a racial barrier.  The media is absolutely giddy with reporting this news.  I cannot argue with that statement – for a person of a minority to be elected to the most powerful position in the world is a great achievement for the man and as a member of his race.  And yes, I said race.

For years we have heard that minorities need help in achieving the dream of becoming equal with the racial majority.  Billions of dollars have been poured into the cities and special programs toward achieving this goal.  So by this achievement by a person who has reportedly come up from the streets to the Presidency shows that it can be done if the individual puts their mind to it and works hard to achieve that goal.  The goal has now been met.

So the question begs to be asked:  What more help do you need?

The next one almost requires membership to the Aluminum Hat Society.

Did anyone else notice that when the Republicans were closing the gap in the polls something happened to the economy?  First, it was oil prices, then the credit crunch followed shortly by a rapid meltdown on Wall Street.

One could almost believe that someone was manipulating the various markets to make the current Republican administration look bad in order to elect the Democratic candidate.  We know for a fact that there are some very wealthy donors to the Democratic party who could pull this off.

If this was found to be true, and with thousands of people being adversely affected by loss of jobs and retirement funds, there should be some old-fashioned neck-stretching followed by heads on pikes outside the castle gates.  That is, if it is found to be true…

Last, did anyone else find it obscene the amounts of money both political parties spent on their presidential campaigns?

In closing, we all will be watching Obama’s presidency closely.  Very closely, and not because of his race, but for the views that he expressed during the campaign.

5 thoughts on “Post Election Post

  1. I know an older black lady, who is the sweetest and nicest person. I have known her for years and always have teased her about being a Democrat, she takes it with a grain of salt and knows my wife and I both love her dearly.

    She lived through Jim Crow in the late 50s and early 60s, her parents certainly were affected much more so than her. As you may expect, she was for Obama.

    On Wednesday, I saw her and told her:

    For all of the times you and your family were not allowed to eat at a lunch counter, all of the times you were relegated to the back of the bus, and all of the times you called a disparaging name, I am truly happy for you. You know I didn’t support him because of his politics, but for you and the others like you, I am glad to see this day.

    It brought a tear to her eye.

    In reflection, this election has certainly validated what I already knew was true. Anyone can be anything in this country, if they work for it. I may not like his politics and I am going to hold his feet to the fire, when the situation warrants it. (He will certainly get a fairer shake from me, than Bush did from the liberal blogs.) But Obama did work for this and he did attain it. So now that he has, every black kid can now know that this is not a racist country. One can only hope this will motivate others that felt a sense of apathy, beforehand.

    The lesson for blacks is clear. Do not let anyone tell you you cannot make it in this country, because you are black.

    Meanwhile, it is my hope that once Obama gets the scoop on the intel, he will do the right thing. Maybe some things will open his eyes and he will see this was not a bunch of trumped up rhetoric and there are real threats out there.

  2. In my opinion, entities were manipulating the market, no doubt about it. Selling, buying to suit their goals.
    Also, for MONTHS, I’d hear really good numbers on the economy on the radio news and the comments would be followed with “BUT….those OTHER numbers weren’t as far down as LAST year” or similar. I finally realized what was up and stopped asking myself “why are they mentioning the bad news that is so trumped by the good?” I’m not saying the economic downturn was due to the media, but something is VERY UP.

    I’m sorry the majority of Black Americans needed this election to show they could achieve in America. So many of them knew that beforehand. I think those who finally realized it will still not quite grasp that the opportunity has ALWAYS been there and they only have to get a good education work hard and they’ll succeed..just ask Sowell, Powell, and Elder, and COnnelly, and (yes, even) Cornel West. Ever ask yourself WHERE WAS JESSE JACKSON ALL THESE MONTHS? hmmm I think they will still have problems and can now blame BARACK for a change. That’ll be a bit of a relief and go a lot towards ‘white guilt’.

    I SO admire the Black Democrats, like Namaste, whose blog is on my roll (I highly recommend reading her)and who saw through Obama and wrote so eloquently about their feelings about this election. But, I also am touched by the people like LA Sunsett describes above…that was a beautiful moment for them, no doubt about it.

    Still…we made an ENORMOUS mistake in this election and I shudder to think how we’ll all pay for it……..

    I was recently asked to “Pray for Obama’s success” I pray for AMERICA’S success and don’t think the things HE intends for HIS success are in concert with that, so that’s a tough one!

  3. LASunset – Yes, it is historical that the racial barrier to the highest office in the land has been broken. I’m just not pleased with the politics of the person that made it. It also proves that anyone can succeed at anything that they put their minds to.

    Local So & So – Is it a conspiracy or not? You decide…

    Z – The media had a large part in getting Obama elected. Not digging into his background as voraciously as they did with Palin and Joe the Plumber is a tip-off. Also visited Namaste’s blog – not everyone is enamored with Obama.

    Debbie – I’m hoping for a miracle, too.

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