So Who’s Going For The Goldfish Vote?

The day after I post on the importance of the right to vote, this comes along (from

The only “agent of change” Princess ever supported was the person who freshened the water in her fishbowl. So election officials in Chicago’s northern suburbs want to know why voter registration material was sent to the dead goldfish.

“I am just stunned at the level of people compromising the integrity of the voting process,” said Lake County Clerk Willard Helander, a Republican, who said she has spotted problems with nearly 1,000 voter registrations this year.

Beth Nudelman, who owned the fish, said Princess may have landed on a mailing list because the family once filled in the pet’s name when they got a second phone line for a computer.

“There was no fraud involved,” said Nudelman, a Democrat who supports Barack Obama. “This person is a dead fish.”

The paperwork sent to a “Princess Nudelman” likely came from the “Women’s Voices, Women Vote” project, which sent nearly 1 million mailings to Illinois households in August using a list that mistakenly included some pets, said Sarah Johnson, a spokeswoman for the not-for-profit group that encourages single women to vote.

The mailing list, purchased from a vendor, included names from warranties, magazine subscriptions and other sources, Johnson said. The group attempted to screen out obvious pet names.

“Fido’s not going to be left on there, but if a cat is named is Polly, she may be,” Johnson said. Princess could be a person’s name, she insisted. “I went to high school with two Princesses.”

Nudelman said the only address on the registration card was the Lake County clerk’s office. She said she wrote election officials a humorous note explaining why the fish was ineligible to vote.

The Illinois mailing generated 63,500 returned voter applications, Johnson said. Applicants were instructed to fill in a driver’s license number or the last four digits of their Social Security number so election officials would be able to validate their identity.

“We obviously don’t want to add more work for any election official,” Johnson said. “At the end of the day, our goal is same as theirs: To give as many people as possible the chance to make voices heard in our democracy.”

Steve Sturm, legal counsel for the Illinois State Board of Elections, said the mailing generated numerous complaints from residents throughout the state.

Lake County election officials contacted Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office Monday afternoon, said spokeswoman Robyn Ziegler. The sheriff’s office and state’s attorney’s office were “already working on it,” she said.

And people wonder why the election roles are so screwed up.  Part of it is because the do-gooders, while the intentions are admirable, screw things up with stuff like this.  Yes, encourage the masses to register to vote, but don’t send them the material.

This is why I believe that voters should register in person with the County Clerk, and not by mail.  Proof of eligibility (as in citizenship, residence, breathing, etc.) and appropriate species can then be verified.  But I’m still wondering…

Which candidate is trying to get the goldfish vote?

6 thoughts on “So Who’s Going For The Goldfish Vote?

  1. But, Tom! The goldfish would do the least harm…if she wasn’t fertilizing some plant she’d be a perfect candidate! No taxes, no stupid laws, no ridiculous raises voted on in the midde of the night…

    At least she wouldn’t be a marxist…animals have too much sense!

  2. Tom, ordinarily I agree with every one of your well-reasoned, intelligently arrived-at points. But now you go too far. Do you realize that if breathing becomes one of the criteria for voting, McCain will experience a landslide victory? What are you thinking about, sir? Please, for all our sakes … lay off the decaffinated coffee.

  3. tmw – Don’t you know what the Goldfish lobby really wants? They want bigger bowls, more plastic divers with treasure chests in the bottom of the bowls, and feedings more than once a day. I know that they want protection from felines, and better burial rites than the Grand Flush or 6″ planting. They may even have a secret agenda of promoting Global Warming so the icecaps would melt & cover the Earth in water for them to swim in. Can you think of the anarchy that would result if the politicians gave in to this finny PAC? But then again, it would be better than the bowl of c**p that our current politicians have us swimming in…

    Mustang – Since it is October, do you not think that the Undead should be disqualified from voting? After all, they only rise up once a year, have horrible hygiene, moan an awful lot, and never pay taxes… Also, I have switched from Maxwell House to Folgers, and it’s all caffeinated – perhaps the missus would be so kind as to get the extra strength… And just so there is no question of whether I need caffeine or not, please view the sidebar ➡

    DI – Chortle away, if you can. We all need the release once in a while, even if it is a morbid sense of humor at these situations.

  4. I know what she REALLY wanted…vacation wafers everyday! 😆
    Mustang-I think this post is proof that, Tom, consumes too much caffeine…why else would he post on a dead fish? :mrgreen:

  5. tmw – Caffeine fiend I am not, but I do like to post on the oddball stuff once in a while to break up the insanity that bombards us every day. For instance, I posted on a stuffed bear – Did you know that Paddington Bear is a mass murderer? Post is here.

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