Close Encounters of the Obot Kind…

I had just finished cutting the grass over the weekend and had just put my lunch in the microwave when my doorbell rang.  Looking through the glass, I saw a couple of young people with Obama pins standing outside my door.  Not wanting to be rude, I opened the door and spoke to them.  Here’s part of the conversation (them in blue, me in red):

Now you know that McCain’s campaign is being run by lobbyists…

I hate to break it to you, but Obama has accepted campaign contributions from lobbyists.

Well, yeah, but all candidates do.

So what was your point about McCain?

That he’s part of the corrupt establishment that brought about this economic crisis.

How do you figure that?

Oh, the mismanagement of the Bush administration’s economic policies…

You must mean the Congressional Financial Services Committee…


Which is chaired by Representative Barney Frank…


Who is a Democrat…

** silence  **

Who regularly told Congress that the financial sector is secure, and that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack were also secure and doing well up until around three weeks ago when everything hit the fan…

** more silence **

So which economic policy were you referring to?

Well, uh, forcing banks to make sub-prime loans…

…to people that probably had little or no financial means to pay back those loans, right?

Well, uh, yeah…

Do you even have a clue as to how that whole mess got started?

Well, uh, no…

Start with the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 with Jimmy Carter as President, trace it through to Bill Clinton’s forcing Freddie Mack & Fannie Mae to buy up bad loans up to the current crisis where the whole house of cards imploded.  McCain predicted that this was going to happen in 2003 and sponsored legislation for better oversight of Freddie Mack and Fannie Mae, but the Democrats blocked it.

That’s the Republican story…

No sir!!  That is in the Congressional Record, and also reported by the Wall Street Journal and Investors Business Daily!  And worse yet, Obama took campaign contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack officials, and those same officials are running his campaign!

** background noise of microwave timer going off **

Gentlemen, that’s my lunch.  There’s a couple of things that I have to tell you before you go –

Obama is from Chicago, and I can tell you from living in Illinois for several years is that Chicago politics and politicians are some of the most corrupt in the nation.  Don’t you stop and wonder how such a person such as Obama lands in the Senate and is running for the highest office in the land during the first two years of his first term?  Not unless he has some heavy-duty political connections, and I have no doubts that he is heavily indebted to someone or some organization.  He is not as clean or fresh as he would have you believe, and probably as corrupt as some of the bozos in Washington.

Last, I have some advice for you – before you drink the Kool-Aid, find out what’s in it first.  Do your research, and do not accept anything at face value from any candidate.  Have a good day, gentlemen…

Oh, there was so much to tell them, and so little time!!  But you know, they were good little Obots, and they went to the next house to peddle their candidate.  I doubt if my conversation phased them at all.

While I like young people getting involved in the political process, I fear it as well.  They are impressionable, and tend to believe anything that a charismatic person would tell them.  Thus, they may not make the best choice based on facts, but on what someone tells them to believe.

Shall be an interesting election…

19 thoughts on “Close Encounters of the Obot Kind…

  1. Good for you Tom. The best way to deal with them is the truth….they have no idea how to fight against it. I wish I could have seen their faces when you told them who’s fault it really was. They were probably dumbfounded. Uh…….. LOL

  2. I love the blue red distinction! Too funny!

    I wish you would have chosen to reheat your meal but realize that your efforts to get them to think may have been thwarted as they were most likely reprogrammed and sent to another home seeking out someone else with the same intelligence quotient or less.

  3. This is priceless. I’m going to send a email to my friends (both of them) and invite them to come and read this post. You rock, Tom. I don’t know what that means, exactly, but I hear people saying it all the time.


  4. it won’t phase them a bit, but i beth they did get a big chuckle over it when they got back to the victory center. i love my children dearly and have raised them to be conservative, but do i think for even a moment that they make decisions based on facts and knowledge? heck no. and it sure as heck isn’t on experience because they don’t have any yet!

  5. I’m Mustang’s friend. The other one he alludes to is his imaginary playmate. But he is correct. This is priceless and I shall pass it on to many of my friends. Except Mustang of course, he already knows about it.

  6. Well, I am one of Heidianne AND Mustang’s friends and I must congratulate you on such a thorough and proper thrashing of the manikins… The whole nation is drunk on the sweet stuff.

  7. Don’t look now, but YOU are my new hero.
    I’d have become tongue tied with the opportunity and said “are you NUTS? How can you STAND this guy?” facts are better..good job. too bad they never gave it a second thought.
    If they were smart enough to, could they even VOTE for Obama?
    came here from LA’s site and am real glad I did!

  8. Fannie Mae wasn’t as big a part of the problem as your handlers lead you to believe. They have to have you blaming anyone but them, and you do as you are told.

    Private sector loans, not Fannie or Freddie, triggered crisis

    WASHINGTON — As the economy worsens and Election Day approaches, a conservative campaign that blames the global financial crisis on a government push to make housing more affordable to lower-class Americans has taken off on talk radio and e-mail.

    Commentators say that’s what triggered the stock market meltdown and the freeze on credit. They’ve specifically targeted the mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which the federal government seized on Sept. 6, contending that lending to poor and minority Americans caused Fannie’s and Freddie’s financial problems.

    Federal housing data reveal that the charges aren’t true, and that the private sector, not the government or government-backed companies, was behind the soaring subprime lending at the core of the crisis.

  9. Mustang did not send an email to Jungle Mom because Jungle Mom does not trust Mustang with her email address.

    This message automatically generated by ACORN, who is keeping careful watch over the people who visit this blog.

    /s/ Hussein Squirrel

  10. Good Grief, Charlie Brown!! Must have really struck a chord with this post!!

    Jennifer – The looks on their faces was, well, interesting. They were looking at me with the oddest expressions. It was almost like they were tuning me out (or the information I was giving them). Of course, there was the confusion as I was contradicting their belief system.

    Neo – I’m reminded of the Daleks of Dr. Who fame that were single-minded in their purpose – extermination!! In this case, it’s common sense and conservatism…

    Mustang – I think you have more than two friends as evidenced by the number of commenters that have posted here. And I thank you for your compliment. S/F

    Heidianne – Thank you for visiting! I doubt very much if they went back to their victory center to chuckle about this unless they distorted the entire conversation to make me look like the moron. *sigh*

    GM & LA – Thank you for posting links on your blogs, and visiting as well.

    Defiant – When the Obots include the media, the Kool-Aid flows freely…

    Pasadena – It’s ignorance through laziness. They are being spoon-fed their information.

    Z – Are you related to “V”? I’ve got a lot to live up to! Thank you for your visit and complement.

    Jungle Mom – Thank you for visiting, and please don’t take it out on Mustang – he really is a nice guy.

    Pat – To suggest that I have “handlers” is giving me way too much importance. The information that I posted is derived from several sources, and when I give an opinion, it is clearly noted. The link that you posted in your first comment gives information from one source, and it does leave out some facts from other reputable sources. Your second comment and the one that found its way into the moderation queue have been removed because they are completely off topic. I would suggest that you start your own blog, post the material, and then let us comment on your site. Until then, please refer to the “Policies” tab located at the top of this page.

    ACORN – Track away!! Perhaps then you will find out how hopeless it is and then you can join the rest of the nuts…

  11. I’ve had only one Obamabot come to my house. At the time, I was tried up with other things to do and, right or wrong, closed the door in his face. Thinking back, I wish that I’d told him off as you did your Obamabots.

    I noted that day that everyone else on my block spend quite a bit of time with the Obamabot. Most of my neighbors support Obama. 🙄

  12. Merry – Be nice! Mustang may have sent it to you (or not).

    GM – I’ve read the stories, and it sounds like your friendship goes back a loooonnnnnngggggg time. That is special in this world.

    Always – Sometimes you can’t save the world from drinking the Obama Kool-Aid. Just do the best you can – put a McCain sign out front!!

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