Comments on Obama & McCain at Saddleback

Traveling to Germany and jet lag puts me behind on commenting on Obama & McCain at Saddleback with Pastor Rick Warren. But perhaps that was for the best. I got to read comments from several different sites and watch the videos (links below).

Watching the candidates answer the questions posed to them highlighted the differences between not only their views, but how they are personally.

One of the things that I looked for was the apparent comfort level of the candidates when answering questions. Obama seemed to be uncomfortable in answering questions, pausing & stuttering with “ums” & “ahs” and did not constantly have eye contact with Pastor Warren and the audience (noticed him constantly looking to his right and down when answering). He tried to appear thoughtful while answering questions and making comments. McCain seemed to be totally at ease, looking at Pastor Warren and the audience. He constantly engaged the audience with stories supporting his answers.

Another of the things that I look for is directness of answers to questions. To be honest, I thought that Obama danced around questions or watered his answers down to try and appeal to all members of the viewing audience. McCain was extremely direct with his answers and was letting the chips fall where they may (the best example is the question on abortion).

The answers that each candidate gave to each question I leave to your value system and comfort level.

All in all, I thought Obama came across as a candidate that was unsure of himself, weighing every answer to make sure that he gave the “right” answer. McCain, on the other hand, came across as a candidate that knows what he believes in and has a plan.

While looking at these videos, my opinion is that McCain is a better choice than Obama. This opinion is because of the above observations and thoughts as well as the answers that both candidates gave to Pastor Warren’s questions. And in the fall, I will not be voting against Obama, but I will instead be voting for McCain.


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  1. Angel says:

    McCain is gaining the lead..whew!

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