New Cat!!

Actually, it’s a kitten…

Went to the county animal control on Saturday and picked out a kitten & brought him home.  So far, he appears to be healthy, no fleas, no eye & ear problems.  Will be taking him to the vets on Monday to get him checked out the rest of the way.

Public Service Announcement:  This year, the shelter has over 300 cats & kittens, and many of them were picked up by animal control officers.  They told me that this is the time of the year that litters from unaltered pets become major problems.  If you have a pet and aren’t planning on breeding them, please get them fixed.  It will save so much heartache and pain for everyone.  The shelter was so happy that I came by that they let me have this kitten for 1/2 off the normal adoption fee, and stated that I could have had a second for no cost – it’s that bad.

So please do the responsible thing – spay or neuter your pet.  Thank you.


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2 Responses to New Cat!!

  1. A new kitten in the house? What joy!

    Our youngest cat just turned seven years old, so we haven’t had a kitten here in a long while now.

    You can see pics of my cats at this post at my photos site (a site which I sorely neglect).

  2. Tom says:

    Saw the photos of your cuties. You must have a big heart to take care of them all!!

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