Do the Democrats (Especially Obama) Have a Clue?

This is from a response to an article in The American Thinker entitled “Obama is Just Another Politician.”

I have considered myself an Independent ever since I could vote. I take great pride in the fact that I do not buy into ANY party line, and research the candidates and the issues at hand. I have voted for both Democrats and Republicans in my lifetime. This is the first year, however, I am actually considering voting straight-ticket Republican come November 4th.

The feuding between the two parties has reached ear-splitting levels these past few years, with politicians on both sides wanting to play the gotcha game more than trying to actually SOLVE ANY PROBLEMS! But my tipping point has finally been reached thanks to a few factors. First, what is happening to the Democratic Party scares me. These far left crazies are a frightening bunch, and the fact that they have hijacked that party indeed shows something rotten in the state of Denmark. Even worse is that sensible minded Dems either can’t or won’t shake free of the chokehold those loons have (with the exception of Joe Lieberman).

My second point hits closer to home, literally. I have the pleasure of living in the wonderful state of Michigan, and have seen firsthand the damage that comes from Democrats in power. Thanks to our “esteemed” Governor and Democrat controlled House, our economy is one of the worst in the nation, businesses can’t get out of the state fast enough, and the people are running right behind them! Our housing market was wrecked BEFORE the market crashed and burned. The result of the mass state emigration is an annual budget shortfall to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. The Democrats answer? Trim outdated, or redundant, or luxury programs from the state budget? Of course not! Raise taxes on everyone still here! Raise the state income tax! Raise property taxes! Raise taxes on service based businesses! The only thing stopping this madness was our Republican controlled Senate (yes, Michigan is one of few states with a bicameral legislature – yet another item that can be trimmed from the state budget), who seemed like the only governing body listening to what the people of Michigan actually wanted! Cut spending! Simplify the tax on businesses! For God’s sake, don’t raise taxes! The showdown ended up with a state government shutdown for a couple of days, because the Democrat thugs were acting like petulant children. Or worse, elitist snobs who knew the best answers for us lowbrow folk. How are we possibly to know what is best for us?

Anyhow, I suppose my rather long winded point (sorry) is this, in Obama, you have all of the worst aspects of the Democratic party rolled into one candidate. Far left policies? Check. Elitist attitude? Check. Heavy on words and promises, but short on substance? Check. Plus the added bonus of a Democrat controlled FEDERAL government! If they can turn one measly state into an economic void, just IMAGINE what they could do with an ENTIRE COUNTRY! Oh, the possibilities! God help us if this man reaches the white house.

I have looked over Obama’s website for his vision of the future.  I see more promises of incentive this, grant for that, subsidies for another, and as an afterthought, to all be paid for by raising taxes on people earning over $250,000.  In some areas of the country, that is barely enough to live on.  Nowhere (at least at this point in time) is there a mention of trimming the Federal budget, and God forbid halting or otherwise canceling any Congressional pay raises.

And now this past week, there is something else to pay for – the rescue of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack.  Yes, these quasi-government financial institutions are going belly up while their executives pocket millions in bonuses, and we, the taxpayer, are going to foot the bill (again!!).  The Democratically-controlled Congress rushed through a Bill to save their baby, which by the way, was also conceived by an earlier Democratically-controlled Congress.

Congress believes that they have a blank checkbook, and the taxpayer is the bank with a blind accountant keeping the books.  Congress also believes that the voters of this country are stupid, and in some respects, they are right.  But then again, we’re too busy trying to earn enough money to live on to pay attention.  I guess that’s the reason the previous post’s video is both humorous and sobering at the same time.

Yes, I fear the Liberal Democrats in both the White House and in the halls of Congress.  Their spending habits have not benefited this country in the long run.  Otherwise, our public schools would be turning out academic geniuses every year instead of graduates that need remedial reading classes before they start attending college.  The war on poverty would have been won many years ago instead of dragging on for more than 40 years.  Welfare and Medicaid would not be collapsing in on themselves.  Need I go on?

While some of the Democratic Liberals out there reading this may attack these generalities, I would like to ask you one specific question:  No matter who was in the White House, what Party had control of Congress the majority of the time since 1933, the era of FDR?

This country is in bad shape.  Shame on us for not holding our government accountable for their role in the decline of our country.