Obama’s Overseas Trip

I have followed with some interest Obama’s travels this past week. First the the Middle East, then Germany, and now he is in France (soon to visit Great Britain). But for a while, we were both in the same country. While he was in Berlin, I was in Stuttgart.

It wasn’t far enough as far as I was concerned – I would have preferred that he wasn’t here at all.

When was the last time a Presidential candidate visited another country, much less on a whirlwind tour? As far as I can remember, none. So the next question or thought that I have is – Why?

An article in Friday’s Financial Times had this statement about Obama’s speech in Berlin:

The open-air speech was seen as important in Mr. Obama’s efforts to bolster his foreign policy credentials…

And that is the problem that I have with Mr. Obama. There is a lot of hype about his capabilities, but I believe that there is very little substance behind the claims. And besides, jetting around the world making speeches before being elected to the office is in my mind, very presumptive, which translates as arrogance.

Consider for a moment this thought. I have met with presidents of various companies, some large, some small, in various countries around the world. Does that in some way qualify me to conduct business and sign contracts with their companies? No, it does not, and by the same token, meeting with heads of state does not give one the experience or credibility to do the same. Credibility comes with experience, of which I do not believe that Mr. Obama has.

Yes, I know that the junior Senator from Illinois is on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. But when was the last time he took a trip anywhere related to his responsibilities for that Committee? From this article, he made trips in 2005 to former Soviet states to observe the dismantling of nuclear weapons, and in 2006 made trips to Kenya, Israel, Iraq, the Palestinian territories, Jordan, and Kuwait. This was before his formal entry into the Presidential race in February 2007, but was it really part of his membership on the Committee or laying the groundwork for his Presidential bid?

What also bothers me is that Mr. Obama is making this trip around the world on taxpayer expense. Secret Service protection, staffing accommodations, & transportation do not come cheap, and quite frankly, Mr. Obama does not have any real official standing that I am aware of to be visiting various European & Middle East countries, meeting their Heads of State, and making speeches which may or may not be construed as commitments on the behalf of the United States.

Last, I just think that Mr. Obama’s trip is just wrong. I just do not see any reason for it except for what it is:  One big photo-op for personal political gain. Perhaps I’m just a cynical, bitter, overwrought religious person hanging on to my guns, but that is my perception.


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6 Responses to Obama’s Overseas Trip

  1. Indigo Red says:

    Dear Bible clingin’ gun totin’ Tom,

    It turns out that Obama didn’t do the right thing by the wounded soldiers at Ramstein not because he didn’t have time (he went shopping), or because the Pentagon told him he couldn’t, but rather, because military backdrops are not allowed to political campaigns. He could have visited the wounded without the press. That didn’t serve his photo-op priorities. Had he gone without the press, he would have picked up major points among many quarters of the electorate.

    The trip was about Barack, only Barack, Barack all day and night. Narcissism is not new in politics, it’s to be expected. However, when trying to be the leader of the most powerful country on the planet, one would think his Wailing Wall prayer would include something asking God to protect and extend blessing on the country and people of goodwill worldwide. Even his prayer was about Obama all the time.

    He is not a John Kennedy. He is another John Kerry, John Edwards, Bill & Hillary Clinton, and Al Gore. Barack, however, takes it many steps further with the Messiah schtick which makes him both scary and dangerous.

  2. dcat says:

    I am interested too about the idiots voting for this unpatriotic jackass and why, are they in my country!!!

  3. Tom says:

    Indigo, in general, politicians are usually all about themselves. The problem with Barack is that he’s starting to believe his own press. That and his extreme Left leaning view is what makes him dangerous.

    dcat, even the judgmentally impaired have a right to be in this country and vote. We can only hope that they see that the light that is Barack is a train bearing down upon them.

  4. Anna says:

    Pretty soon in the encyclopedias Sen. Obama’s picture will replace that of Neville Chamberlain’s.

    And it will appear next to words like ego, chutzpah, naif, and tool.

  5. When was the last time a Presidential candidate visited another country,

    Actually, McCain did a swing through the Middle East and Europe and another to Colombia and Mexico. But you probably didn’t hear about it since A. He didn’t take three network news anchors and hordes of reporters with him, and B. He didn’t hold campaign rallies overseas.

    That alone should highlight the differences in the character of the two men we have to choose between for President. One is a preening, messianic ego maniac and the other is more down to earth and businesslike.

  6. Tom says:

    Anna – I doubt that they would waste the space (yet). He would really, really have to screw it up to replace Mr. Chamberlain.

    Mike – I should have explained myself better. I really wanted to ask “When was the last time a Presidential candidate visited another country making campaign speeches to the citizens of that country (as Obama did in Berlin)?” Thank you for pointing out that “oops”, and also the differences in the way these two Senators operate.

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