Where Are the Moderate Muslims?

Found this at Always On Watch (sound optional):

While I am not an atheist, the author of the video does bring up a very good point – if the radicals are the minority and the moderates are the majority, then why doesn’t the majority take care of the minority? Is it fear or is it something that the majority wishes that they had the guts to do?

I’m waiting for the fatwa to be declared against the video’s author…and maybe against me.


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2 Responses to Where Are the Moderate Muslims?

  1. They won’t stand up or speak out for one of two reasons: either they are “hedging their bets” against whoever will ultimately come out on top, whether it be the “radicals” or the rest of the rational world, or they are afraid to say anything because Muslims will attack one of their own whom they perceive to be a heretic more viciously than they will an infidel.

  2. Tom says:

    A&C – History has shown the truth of your statements. Just look at the bloody feud between Shiite & Sunni over who was the legitimate heir to Mohammed’s religion that has occurred over the past few centuries. Religion of Peace my foot!!

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