Obama & the Radicals – Part 2

Considering the statements made by Jesse Jackson this past week about what he would like to do to Barack Obama’s private parts, it makes this statement from an earlier post all that much more plausible:

Should Obama get elected to the Presidency, then the arguments of the radicals that their represented groups need more help with becoming more “equal” with the rest of mainstream America starts to fall flat. After all, 40-years of struggle has resulted in one of “their” group becoming elected to the highest office in the land. So now the argument that they are still victims of discrimination and unfair practices loses some of its sting. Then the reason for these respective people’s existence as advocates is diminished.

What that would mean is that the likes of Jackson & his counterpart Al Sharpton become irreverent.  And this is evidenced by the topic of Obama’s speech – responsibility of fatherhood.

It shouldn’t matter who takes to task the prevalent culture of the Black community as long as the number of fatherless children drops.  But then, take the instance of another successful person who brought this same topic to the attention of the Black community – Bill Cosby.

Bill Cosby brought up this same topic some years ago and was and was flamed unmercifully by many of the same Black leaders.  He was called a sell-out to his people, out of touch, and many other names that I care not write down.  But regardless, he told it like it is, Obama told it like it is, so what is the problem?

The problem is that Jackson and other self-appointed leaders want the message to come from them.  That’s right, they want the credit for themselves so as to legitimize their positions as leaders of their people.  But they feel their influence waning.  Jackson’s comment is an indication of that.

I cannot improve on these excerpts from Michael Reagan’s post in Real Clear Politics:

Thanks to the ascendency of Barack Obama, Jesse’s long reign as THE Black leader — a position he more or less shared with the Rev. Al Sharpton all these years — has finally come to an end. He’s been dethroned by, and lost his political manhood to, an upstart politician barely dry behind the ears but clever beyond his years.

Jesse has long been the self-appointed leader of black America, a race-baiter who has used race baiting to feather his own nest, bludgeoning cowardly American businessmen to pay him tribute in the form of contributions to his Rainbow Coalition and sundry other causes.

By achieving the exalted status as the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party — which along with the media has long groveled at Jesse’s feet — Obama has in one painful stroke lopped off Jesse’s manhood. He is the man of the hour, in one cruel stroke making Jesse a thing of the past.

How that must hurt the self-appointed leader of the nation’s African-American community which despite Jesse’s attempts to keep them enslaved on his plantation have made enough huge strides as to have one of their number striding confidently towards the presidency of the United States.

Rooted in the past, Jesse is mad. Jesse is angry. Jesse is upset. It drives him up a wall when Obama echoes Bill Cosby by demanding that his fellow African-American men assume the responsibilities of fatherhood.

By so doing, Obama neuters Jesse, who always blames an alleged racist white America for the failure of many black fathers to act like fathers.

That’s not talking down to blacks, that’s telling his fellow blacks what they need to hear. After all, all of us, black and white men alike, need to be real fathers in our homes. It’s not a race issue, it’s not a political issue. It’s a moral issue. Obama sees that. Jesse can’t.

Jesse Jackson exposes himself for what he and his ilk really are – self-appointed race-baiting racists who can only stay in power by stirring things up instead of resolving the true nature of the problem.  Racism is no longer the whole problem.  Black America may not be totally blameless for its chronic social problems, but only they can solve their own problems.


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