Supreme Court Upholds 2nd Amendment!!

From Fox News:

The court, in a 5-4 decision, ruled that the Second Amendment grants an individual, not just a “well-regulated militia,” the right to bear arms. The ruling reinforced the rights of marksman, hunters and others, even in crowded or high-crime cities, to keep a gun in his or her home. The long-anticipated decision was the high court’s first explicit ruling on the Second Amendment in 127 years.

All the news reports have been stating that you and I, law-abiding citizens, now have the Constitutional right to keep a firearm for hunting and self-defense. But then, didn’t we always?

Of course, the anti-gun crowd is stunned, and is vowing to continue their fight against gun violence.  And I’m not surprised.

But until that time, finally, those people in DC who desire to have a weapon besides a baseball bat under their bed now have a choice.


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2 Responses to Supreme Court Upholds 2nd Amendment!!

  1. Mustang says:

    There may be no one on earth who is less honest than a liberal is; and nowhere is this clearer than on the issue of the right to bear arms. Here’s an example: DC Mayor Fenty suggests that more handguns in his city simply means more violence. Richard Daly woefully proclaims a danger to children living in homes where there is a handgun. Diane Feinstein rends her clothing about the loss of 70 years of precedent in gun control efforts; and one writer even offered that the SCOTUS decision encourages “every body” to get a gun. Barack Obama waffled, as he is wont to do because he does not want to be seen on the wrong side of this issue.

    Crime statistics and common sense reveals to us the dishonesty of these liberal politicians. During the DC ban on the right to possess a firearm, murder rates are through the roof, so how can anyone argue that the SCOTUS decision will cause an increase those numbers? Over the past weekend, 38 Chicagoans were shot, nine killed; the question remains, “How does Chicago’s ban on firearms reduce violence?” Feinstein is either woefully dishonest, or she is a complete idiot because while she is groaning about 70 years of precedent “lost” as the result of the SCOTUS decision, she ignores the other precedent: Individuals have had a right to bear arms since 1791.

    Local communities, counties, and states have long regulated the purchase of firearms; they continue to have the final say on such issues as possession and license to carry. State law prohibits felons from purchasing weapons, but they always seem to have them anyway. The rights guaranteed to us under the Second Amendment, reaffirmed by the Court, simply means that before a criminal pulls a gun on a citizen, he should think twice: the citizen may shoot back, and wouldn’t that be just too bad?

    Liberals would disarm Americans to increase the power of government over the people. This is not the vision of the founding fathers, or mine. This was a good decision, but WE must remain every vigilant.

  2. Angel says:

    Of course, the anti-gun crowd is stunned, and is vowing to continue their fight against gun violence. And I’m not surprised….Me neither my friend..but lets not give up the fight!!

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