HRC Concession Speech

Prior to listening to HRC’s concession speech, I had this thought:

What political deal did BHO make with you for you to throw your support behind him?

It has got to be huge, and there are those who are speculating exactly what that could be.  VP nomination, Senate Majority Leader, Supreme Court, Cabinet or Ambassador appointments are just a few of those that I have heard.  And it will be interesting to see exactly how HRC will be rewarded for her "cooperation."

I listened to HRC make her concession speech, and I noticed that her speech always came back to her.  The issues that she campaigned on were brought up again, and she just as much as stated that she would be taking an active role in bringing her issues to fruition.  And perhaps that is exactly what deal was cut – a free hand in bringing Hillary-Care Version 2 to the masses, retreating bringing the troops home from Iraq, raising taxes increasing government revenues, legalizing documenting illegal immigrants, and so on. 

In some respects, while throwing her support behind BHO, HRC hasn’t shut the door on a future run for the White House.  And maybe that is her ultimate strategy – do well with the responsibilities awarded to her by BHO (if elected) and she would then have the experience behind her to show that she indeed is the better candidate in the next election cycle.

That is, if BHO is elected…

And I shudder at that thought…


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  1. Angel says:

    This whole nation should shudder along with u!

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