Obama’s Change?

Yesterday’s John Edward’s endorsement of BHO all but sounded the death knell for HRC’s presidential nomination bid.  So now it looks like the contest is going to be between BHO and John McCain.  Of course, BHO’s campaign has centered around one word:


But the question begs to be asked – Change what?

Both John Edwards and BHO’s speeches finally gave details of what the Democrats are wanting to do to effect change. but the programs are either reversals of previous Democratic sponsored programs or continuations of the same programs that are in place.  Some highlights of these speeches (with comments) include:

  1. "We can refuse to give more tax breaks to the wealthy few who don’t need it and aren’t even asking for it, and decide that the next tax bill signed by the next president will put money in the pockets of the working families who need it most, by expanding the earned income tax credit…"  Hmm…shifting the tax burden even more skewed towards the people who are in the best position to invest in companies that create jobs.  That is real incentive to become successful…
  2. Help each person save money by giving "free savings account that comes with a small nest egg, so that they don’t spiral into bankruptcy because of an emergency or an accident."  What happens if that person squanders that nest egg, or the money runs out?  Give them another one?
  3. "…every child, no matter where they come from, no matter who they look like, have the chance to get a world- class education by investing in early childhood education to make sure that every child gets a good start in life. And I won’t just talk about how great teachers are, because we’re going to reward them for their greatness by giving them higher salaries and giving them more support. We’ll invest in after-school programs and summer school programs for children who don’t have anyplace to go when school is out. We’ll make sure that they get the support they need."  Isn’t this done yet?  Billions of dollars have been spent over the past 40 years to ensure that the youth of America have that world-class education.  And it has been a dismal failure!!  Test scores are down, and high-school graduates entering college are taking remedial classes in math and English.
  4. High school graduates "…can afford to go to college by giving them a $4,000 tuition credit, every student, every year, in exchange for community service…" A requirement of my son’s High School is that each student must complete 40-hours of community service, which on the surface isn’t a bad thing.  But can this be considered conscription?  An argument could be made with a parallel to the draft of the 1960’s & 70’s…  So now we are going to pay them to graduate, and then teach them how to read and write before they take college classes!
  5. "We can make it so that if you want to work, you can find work. And then if you do work, you’ll never want." Oh really?  Then who is going to offer those jobs?  My son spent 3 months looking for a part time job, and then lost it because business slowed down.  Is the Government going to guarantee a job?  If so, then look what happened to the Soviet Union!!
  6. "For those who have trouble finding work, we can invest in transitional job programs that get people a weekly paycheck and the skills they need to find a permanent job." To the best of my knowledge, this program is in already in place.
  7. "…because since this war in Iraq started, we have lost our bearings. We have lost our focus. We have not gone after Al Qaida in Afghanistan, those who killed 3,000 Americans, with everything that we’ve got, because we’ve been distracted. We have seen thousands of lives lost, hundreds of billions of dollars spent — money that we could have been spending rebuilding America."  Yeah, distracted because of the partisan politics your party has played with the military budget and tying their hands behind their backs…

There are more, but these will do for now just to illustrate my point – Government knows best.  Another word for this is Socialism.  And any reader of this blog knows that this is not my idea of what the role Government of the United States is.

3 thoughts on “Obama’s Change?

  1. The Democrats have no perception as to the principles of cause-and-effect and absolutely no ability to project the long term results of an on-going agenda.

    Every time they expand the responsibilities of government to “make things better”, they make things worse by creating problems of greater magnitude for those they purport to be “helping” (as well as the rest of us taxpayers). Rather than take responsibility for these problems they have created, they blame them on the Republicans and then pursue agendas that will only exponentialize the already existing problems (which they have created).

    And these are what they call “intellectuals”.

  2. I seriously doubt that any of the three candidates can fix the messes we have ourselves in. They have to get buy in from Congress and the people, and yadda yadda. I usually have a pretty optimistic attitude about things, and right now, I just don’t. My state has been hit hard and the whole thing is draining on my soul.

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