Now What Do The Democrats Do?

HRC and Obama split the primaries last Tuesday, and there are only a few primaries left. Unless there is a huge lopsided swing, the Democratic nomination will be up to the super delegates. And what a choice they have!!

Obama in recent weeks has gone from the savior of the Democratic party to someone who may just be marginally better than HRC. The situations with Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, his wife’s comments about never having been proud of America, and his own guns-and-God condescension toward small-town whites has helped define this candidate as a man of the academic left who is so out of touch with everyday America that he is comfortable in such extreme company and among such alien and elitist sentiments. Because of this lack of understanding, he doesn’t understand why people are concerned and upset when his pastor and his “friends” make statements that reflect badly upon him. A quote from a previous post:

The character of the candidate is an issue that is of interest to Americans. After all, the character of the candidate aspiring to the Presidency is important. Would you, the American voter, want a person of poor character leading this country?

Senator Obama fails to realize that character does matter, and that Americans are looking at who he associates with, what he says, and what he does. Associations with people give glimpses into the person’s character, and the people that Senator Obama has around him has not given a stellar endorsement of his choice of friends & associates…

HRC, on the other hand, is absolutely no fresh as a daisy/pure as the driven snow candidate. Going from an attitude of leftist arrogance to scrambling back toward the middle of the political spectrum when Obama and Edwards became serious contenders for her apparent birthright showed that she was indeed a politician willing to say and almost do anything to become elected to the highest office in this land. The photo-ops of HRC drinking beer and shots of whiskey to identify with the common man was laughable at best. The made-up story of coming under sniper fire in Bosnia showed that she is a desperate liar. The mudslinging that her and her political machine was pathetic to say the least (until Obama had lots of help from his “friends” is tarnishing his image). And then there are her records of “achievement” as First Lady (Hillarycare, Travel Gate, theft of the china, Vincent Foster’s “suicide” and raiding of his office, her role in the Whitewater scandal, Rose Law Firm billing records, etc…), and as a Senator for New York (Voting for the war voting against it (putting our soldiers lives at risk), and who knows what else…). Last, the specter and drama of her husband’s “legacy” while in the White House should give cause to wonder if she didn’t know what her husband was up to in her house, can she run the country from the White House?

So what are the super-delegates to do? A Real Clear Politics averaging polling data as of this date has Obama over HRC by 0.9%, HRC over McCain by 4.1%, and Obama over McCain by 2.7%. So the polls have both Democratic candidates beating the apparent Republican nominee, but who is the best Democratic nominee? If you believe the polls, then it’s Obama, but polls can be both inaccurate and misleading. But one of the pundits at Times Online of London has this to say about who is going to get the Democratic nomination:

If this long US Democratic primary campaign were opera we’d be deep into the final act by now. The doomed soprano would be working her way up the emotional rungs of her last aria. A few feet across the stage would lie the knife fated to deliver her from her plight. The tragic denouement for the fallen heroine is as predictable as it is moving.

Of course, this is the indefatigable Clintons we’re talking about, who have never been known to follow anyone else’s libretto, so you can’t quite be sure how precisely the story will end.

If Hillary Clinton were Madame Butterfly, she’d be out there till the last, quibbling that she could still persuade enough super-delegates that Pinkerton really would be coming back. In the Clinton version of I Pagliacci, Canio’s conclusive declaration that “La commedia è finita” would be greeted with a shrill, defiant response from somewhere in the gods: “No it’s not. Not until we’ve counted the delegates from Michigan and Florida!”

And yet even the Clintons must know now, whatever they say in public, that the drama is done. Barack Obama, who was only just out of law school when their presidential dynasty began 16 years ago, has brought it crashing to a premature end.

Her hefty defeat in North Carolina on Tuesday, accompanied by a narrow victory in Indiana, has closed off any last remaining possibility that she can win the Democratic nomination. She trails Mr Obama by so many delegates and by so much in the popular vote that only a collapse by him in the few remaining primaries and an act of political larceny by her in the messy procedural discussions that will follow could deny him the nomination.

And who do the Democratic voters want leading this country? With Michigan and Florida out of the picture due to the stupidity of their respective Democratic Party leadership, there are two states that only have their superdelegates to make their choices. And they are not obligated to even listen to the voters.

Perhaps the superdelegates will get a break in the upcoming primaries in West Virginia (5/13, 28 delegates), Oregon (5/20, 52 delegates), Kentucky (5/20, 51 delegates), Puerto Rico (6/1, 55 delegates), Montana (6/3, 16 delegates), and South Dakota (6/3, 15 delegates). They can only hope that the voters in the remaining primaries will make that decision for them.

4 thoughts on “Now What Do The Democrats Do?

  1. Actually, although many might disagree with me, I believe that HRC would be the stronger candidate to face McCain in the GE. Granted, her negatives started out extremely high and her positives started out extremely low, but as with everything with liberals, it’s all relative to what we uncover about BHO. Now that more information is coming out, Hillary’s negatives have dropped, her positives have improved dramatically and if you look at GE polling against McCain, she fares much, MUCH better than Obama.

    So, I’m kinda hoping the Dems decide to choose Black History over Feminist History and the souperdelegates send Obama up against McCain.

  2. Politics is an extremely fickle mistress. I will be interesting which bed the Democratic will jump into – it seems that the stronger candidate changes every month with the pundits.

  3. Not really, Tom. I happen to have a subscription to Time and they’ve been pretty consistent for the last 2,000,000 editions, declaring BHO the winner and saying HRC doesn’t have a prayer. Nevermind that she doesn’t have a prayer because the votes from MI and FL aren’t being counted and the souperdelegates have been cowed into submission by the barrage of reports from the punditry and talking heads in the MSM.

    It’s still rather delicious to watch though.

  4. Yes, it does appear that the media is picking BHO as the winner. Of course, that’s presuming that he doesn’t self-destruct in the meantime.

    But I have noticed that the media over here in Germany (BBC based) is picking that race as being a toss-up. They are covering HRC much more than BHO, and are slightly leaning toward HRC in their preferences. Perhaps it’s sentimental – they liked Bill…

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