A View from Iraq Via CNN Europe

CNN here in Europe is fascinating.  The viewpoints they portray are not what you would get in the United States.  The following story blew me away.

CNN interviewed Iraqi soldiers, and were asking them who would they vote for in the United States elections if they could.  Without exception, they were picking the Democratic candidates.  The reasons they gave were bizarre, at least in my opinion.

One of the statements set me off.  The soldier stated that he wanted to vote Democratic because the Iraqi people needed help with their government.  The Republican government was not helping the Iraqi government establish a democracy, and he believed that the Democrats would help Iraq in this regard.  He further stated that the Republican government of the United States has not helped Iraq at all.

Considering that this soldier would not have been able to speak his mind under the former government should speak volumes to the idiocy of his last statement.  He would never have been allowed to express any opinion what so ever, and if he did, he would have found himself buried in a sand dune.

He also showed his ignorance in what the Democrats are stating they want to do if elected – pull all troops out of Iraq.  Exactly how is that going to help stabilize Iraq?  The short answer is – it won’t.

Life is hard in Iraq – there is no getting around that fact.  The country is being rebuilt through many obsticles, of which terrorists, religion, and tribal differences are all mixed up in a volatile political situation.  A unique situation in which to build a country with democratic principles.  A difficult task indeed.

I am not the biggest fan of the invasion of Iraq which has resulted in our current situation in that country.  Yes, the United States deposed a ruthless dictator who stated repeatedly of his desire to help the enemies of this country through the use of WMDs.  The information, gathered from many sources besides our own, led to the decision to invade.  That I do not have a problem with – decisions can only be made with the information that is available at the time.  The problem comes is that it is painfully obvious that there was not a complete & detailed plan of restoration after Saddam was deposed.  In short, we’re winging it.

Our troops are in harm’s way and some have given up their lives so that this moron can state that the current US government has not helped Iraq.  Perhaps he would rather have Saddam back…


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