Romney Quits! Dems Deadlocked!

And then there were three…

Mitt Romney withdrew from the race for the Republican nomination this afternoon, and that leaves McCain, Huckabee, and Paul.


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2 Responses to Romney Quits! Dems Deadlocked!

  1. coollikeme says:

    McCain all the way!!!!

  2. Indigo Red says:

    I did the arithematic at the end of Super Tuesday. Even if Romney won every delegate in all the remaining races, he still was far short of the number needed for nomination. Winning all delegates was unreasonable. When Romney said he was in this for the long haul, I knew he was quitting. Long haul is the I quit phrase this year.

    The Dems are favorig Obama. Slowly he is gaining and quickly she is lagging. But I do think that race will go to convention.

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