Michigan Primary

The Michigan Primary did nothing but muddle the front runners of the Republican Party. And in some respects, that seems to sum up the candidates thus far in this silly season.

Romney finally got his first place with McCain in second. Huckabee in third, and everyone else far down the line. And none of the candidates really seem to have what it takes for a decisive primary for that needed knock-out blow.

For the Democrats of Michigan, they certainly didn’t have much of a choice, and they certainly are not going to get a voice in their own party’s selection of a Presidential candidate. HRC was the only candidate on the ballot – and the DNC is probably going to pull Michigan’s delegates because the Michigan Democratic Party pushed the Primary date ahead without the blessing of the DNC. But even then, HRC didn’t have a great showing even running unopposed. From RealClearPolitics.com:

As for the Democratic side – the big story is Hillary Clinton losing the African American vote to “uncommitted.” The exit poll pegged African Americans going against Clinton, 68% to 30%. It appears that opposition by African Americans induced a split in Wayne County (where Detroit is), 50% to Hillary, 45% to uncommitted.

Next is South Carolina and Florida where Fred Thompson is expected to make his last stand with a strong showing.  HRC, Obama, and Edwards are going to do battle in these Southern states, and Edwards should(?) have a stronger showing.  Will this happen? Who knows? Hint – Pay no attention to the Pollster behind the curtain – they don’t know a damn thing.  Just send in the clowns…never mind…they’re here…


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