Global Warming My A**!!

Global Warming per the Goracle is a crock of fragrant fertilizer…

We were treated to an eighteen inch New Year’s Day snowfall here in Oakland County, Michigan. The prediction was for eight to twelve. Obviously, it got colder and wetter instead of warmer and dryer.

This is contrary to what the eco-terrorist Global warming pukes have been touting for some time. They have been stating that the snowcaps are melting, the oceans will rise, and the world will turn into some giant desert. They also predicted that hurricanes would run rampant through the Atlantic and Caribbean last year. HAH!! They don’t know anything!!

From a previous post:

Global Warming is an unproven theory based on computer modeling.

In other words, it’s an educated guess!! And this means that Global Warming is not a certainty, but only that it could happen the way these people are predicting. Of course, their solution is for everyone else to do without rather than provide the examples to follow. And that’s pretty damn arrogant. Then there is Uncle George’s solution to the real Global Warming problem

Personally, I’ve contributed a little bit to my carbon footprint today – I ran my snowblower for a couple of hours to get the 18-24″ drifts out of my driveway. And then I went over to help a neighbor dig out. Take that, Algore!! If you can jet around the world spewing out your hot air (adding to Global Warming in more than one way), I can shovel and throw your environmental fallout via a mechanical means.

OK, enough ranting for now. Back to sipping hot chocolate and warming up on the couch with the Missus and the cats.

And by the way, Happy New Year, everybody!


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3 Responses to Global Warming My A**!!

  1. Shoprat says:

    It is lovely here in Michigan as long as you’re safely inside with no threat of power loss.

    Even some of the local Donks are getting tired of this Global Warming nonsense.

  2. Tom C says:

    BRRRRR it’s cold here! Temps in the 20’s tonight in good ole South Carolina. Tomorrow I’m going to burn wood to keep warm.

  3. Is global warming man made or natural? Take a look at this video and decide for yourself.
    One thing I think that is not in dispute is our consumption of nonrenewable resources. Our resources are precious and we need to conserve whenever possible. We can conserve our natural resources by using solar power. Two ways are on the horizon that will make solar power affordable to every household. One is Nanosolar and the other is the Citizenre plan. I follow both in my blog at

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