Auf der Straße wieder…

…or to translate from German – “on the road again.” Yes, I’m a traveling man again, only this time, it’s overseas to Germany. The traveling won’t start until after the first of the year (thankfully).

I got picked for a program, interviewed, and then selected. It’s a big responsibility, and I’m pleased that they wanted me, but there is a downside.


Fortunately, it doesn’t look to be over six months of foreign travel, but it looks like around a year in a plant in another state to help start the lines up. Ugh…but that’s part of the job.

An upside is that I just might have time to post and read everyone’s posts with a little more regularity than recently. And by the way, I’m counting on all of you to keep me informed on what’s going on back in the US.

So keep posting, and I’ll keep reading!


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6 Responses to Auf der Straße wieder…

  1. Will you be able to access all the American blogs from Germany? I’ve heard rumors about some sites here being blocked by certain servers. But maybe I’m thinking of servers in the Middle East and in China.

  2. Shoprat says:

    If you travel and get the time to do so, just enjoy it. See what you can.

  3. Tom says:

    As far as I know, Germany is not blocking US sites. Middle East countries and China as well as those repressive societies & governments are the ones that block US sites.

    There is a group of us going, and we are joining some of our counterparts that have already been on the project for a year. They are going to show us around and make sure we don’t get in too much trouble either on the job or sightseeing. 😉

    Actually, I’ve been to Germany twice, so I do know what to expect. The length of the project will be a challenge to the missus and myself, but we have been through worse.

  4. Teresa says:

    I love Germany. Where do you get to go?? I lived there for three years in the Army and really feel in love with the place. I am jealous.

  5. Tom says:

    At this point in time, I’ll be staying in the Stuttgart area & commuting to Ludwigsburg. There will be a few trips to Hanover as well as that is where the equipment is being built.

    Since you have been to Germany before, where are some good places to visit for sightseeing and buying stuff? I know that the euro to dollar exchange is lousy, but never know where there may be some good deals.

  6. Ralph says:

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