Chrysler Contract Settled

Came home this evening from the match (see previous post) and saw that the contract has been settled. Per the Detroit News:

A new four-year national labor contract between Chrysler LLC and the United Auto Workers has been ratified by rank-and-file workers, overcoming significant opposition.

The agreement was approved by 56 percent of production workers and 51 percent of skilled trades workers, the UAW said in a statement Saturday. Ninety-four percent of office and clerical workers approved the pact and 79 percent of UAW-represented Chrysler engineers voted for the contract.

At least that’s settled. We’ll see what happen to Ford now…


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3 Responses to Chrysler Contract Settled

  1. Shoprat says:

    This is good news to all who live in Auto country. Michigan does not need a strike right now.

  2. Tom C says:

    Amen rat! Tom I’ve fixed my blogroll. Thanks for the peace! I can use all I can get.

  3. Tom says:

    Gentlemen – I too did not want a strike. I would rather be working than not, and a strike would not have been the right thing to do in this economy. The last thing that the Union needs is to antagonize the new owners.

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