Voting is almost done.  I goofed – there’s one more plant over in Illinois that will be voting tomorrow.

But the votes are close.  However, it does look like the contract will be ratified.  And I have mixed thoughts on that as well.

The contract isn’t the best one that I think could have been agreed to, but given the economy and a new company, maybe it was the best one.  At the same time, I really didn’t want to head back out to the picket line either.

We’ll know how the voting numbers turned out soon enough.

One thought on “Almost…

  1. Hi Tom, thanks for stopping by. I did note your address change but havn’t fixed my blogroll. Might take me a bit to find my passwords. By the way please note the email address I’ve given is different as this is my main account. Good luck with the contract. One of my best friends works in your building, and I have hope that you both will be ok.
    Tom C

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