Strike is Over

Yes, the strike was short-lived, and that’s probably a good thing.  But we’ll see what really got agreed to, and what Ford and Chrysler have to deal with (along with the Union).

One thought on “Strike is Over

  1. I know Tom!

    I hate unions! I sign a thingy every year not to be in the merry gang of idiots! Besides I put that union due money to better use then their pockets!

    And if that bitch wins and health care changes I know a lot of health care professionals like “me” will be in early retirement! Patents can empty their own gosh darn bed pans!!! They can go and operate on themselves too!!! Therapy!? What therapy? Just do it yourself!

    I plan to work with animals they are more important to me anyway! I would like a divorce from the human race! If I find that perfect cave and that asshole is in it! I will kill it!!!
    dcat | Homepage | 09.30.07 – 12:33 pm | #


    Unions can be both bad & good, it just depends on which side of the contract you are on. By the way, I’m on the Union side whether I like it or not.

    By the b-word, I’m presuming you mean HRC, although calling her that word is an insult to the canine species…
    Tom | Homepage | 10.01.07 – 2:42 pm | #

    Bitch = real women!

    I’m one heh o yeah forgot!

    Ok then: “that delusional dhimmy!”
    dcat | Homepage | 10.07.07 – 2:43 pm | #

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