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…and then I get tagged!!  This time, Always on Watch ever so nicely slipped me the assignment of listing 8 things/habits.  I normally treat such things as the electronic equivalent of a chain letter, but how can I say no to a teacher?  I sure don’t want detention, so here we go…

1)  I was involved in sports 30 years ago, track mostly.  Didn’t do much between then and a year ago when my wife and I started training together.  If I’m not careful, she’s going to kick my …

2)  One of my ancestors signed the Declaration of Independence.

3)  Learned how to play golf without a single lesson at 16, and was down to an 8 handicap after two years of playing.  I’m now fighting to keep an 18 to 20…why does it get to be so hard when you get older?

4)  Medically, I’m allergic to cats, but we have two and I’m not having any problems.  Go figure…

5)  I firmly believe that the Constitution of the United States outlines the most perfect form of government.  Now if we can just keep the politicians from mucking it up…

6)  Life is too short to not have fun.  Are we having fun yet?

7)  In God I trust – all others bring data.

8)  I speak my mind and opinion without much sugar – sugar is for my morning coffee.

 And no, I’m not going to tag anyone (unless you ask really, really nice…) 

One thought on “200 Posts and 10,000 Visitors…

  1. Thanks for not tagging anyone. I don’t do tags, although this one is pretty good. It tells a little about you, and isn’t really long like some.

    I think it’s pretty cool that you have an anscestor who signed the Declaration of Independence!

    If you are not having a problem owning two cats, perhaps the medical diagnosis about you being allergic to them is wrong.

    As for politicians not messing up our system, I believe they are doing a fine job of it already.
    Gayle | Homepage | 07.10.07 – 8:03 am | #

    You were wise to avoid detention. My form is a real boot camp.

    An ancestor who signed the Declaration of Independence? I don’t have any signers in my lineage–as far as I know. Most of my ancestors arrived here after 1776.

    Thanks for doing this meme.
    Always On Watch | Homepage | 07.10.07 – 9:22 am | #

    OK, you give us a very cool piece of information and then leave us hanging… which ancestor signed the Declaration? You can’t just throw out that cool tidbit and not tell us.
    Jay | Homepage | 07.10.07 – 2:23 pm | #

    Gayle – No, the medical diagnosis is correct- I am allergic to cats. To extend point 4 further…

    4a) While technically allergic to cats, I’m not allergic to kittens. I got my first cat as a kitten, and as as she grew up, my system adapted. When I’m gone for a couple of days and then come home, I have a minor sinus reaction for a few hours, then I’m fine.

    AOW – I think this deserves points 9 & 10…

    9) I was in ROTC in college. Extra credit was given for summer activities such as going to a boot camp, FTX, and parachuting. Boot Camp doesn’t scare me – parachuting did.

    9a) Since ROTC was run by the Army, and I knew how to shoot (298 points out of 300 possible at 300m with a .308 Remington 700), they really, really wanted me. I didn’t sign on the line, though.

    10) I had a girlfriend that was a direct descendant of William Clark of Lewis & Clark fame.

    Jay – Of course I can!! But if you really want to know, follow this link for the answer to your curiosity.
    Tom | Homepage | 07.10.07 – 7:16 pm | #

    My boot camp is a bit different. It involves doing some chores around my property, followed by extensive study for upcoming tests.

    I’m only half-kidding. I actually enforced enforce that kind of detention when I worked in private education. But having students here at my home didn’t work out so well. They liked coming to the teacher’s house.

    You’ve been a good sport about the meme, Tom. Thanks!
    Always On Watch | Homepage | 07.10.07 – 8:35 pm | #

    AOW – No problems!! Please refer to #6.
    Tom | Homepage | 07.11.07 – 7:03 pm | #

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