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Haven’t posted for over a week, and that’s just not good.  Son is graduating from high school, so there’s all that to get arranged & taken care of.  He’s also trying to get a job, and find a roommate for his assisted living arrangements.  We think he has found a place to live, but there are so many details that need to be worked out.

Then there’s the job.  Have a project that’s going to take up most of my time for the next 6 weeks.  It’s good that I have a job considering the state of the automotive industry in Michigan.  It’s bad that the OT will cut into what little free time that I have to write.

Upshot is that posting will be light or non-existent for the next few weeks.  Don’t worry – I’ll be back!!  Stay tuned and keep commenting.

But before I go, here’s a few headlines and comments that have shown up in the past week:

Immigration Bill Pulled

The Senate immigration bill has been pulled from the floor of the Senate.  This just might kill this horrible piece of legislation, but there are those who state that it will be back.  I hope not…

Paris Hilton Out of Jail

Yep, she’s out of jail, but not out of trouble.  Now it’s house arrest for 40 days with a rather unstylish electronic ankle bracelet.  Why we care about what happens to this protected airhead is beyond me.

Democratic Candidate Debate

Verbal body slams were the on the agenda for this debate.  It was interesting that the candidates attacked each other as much as they attacked the President.  But there’s no way I would vote for any of them.  Obama is becoming a Black Militant.  Edwards is bordering on the left-wing fringe.  Clinton is stiff and smarmy, and who really wants Bill back in the White House?

Democratic Candidates Express Faith

Faith in what?  Didn’t hear anything on the sound bites that resembled anything but self-promotion.

Republican Candidate Debate

Much more agreeable debate.  Were at least courteous in their disagreements with each other’s opinions, & didn’t stoop to character assassination.

Republican Candidates Express Faith

At least there were a couple that stated that their faith was based on God and Jesus Christ, and done so in a way that promoted God and not themselves.

Jefferson Charged

William Jefferson (D-LA) finally has been charged with multiple counts of criminal activities.  About time.

Time to go.  Stay tuned!


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One Response to News Bytes & Comments

  1. Tom says:

    I’ve been crazily busy too. Don’t feel guilty about it. Life happens.

    Here is another tidbit on William Jefferson. Talk about hypocrisy! Sheesh!
    Always On Watch | Homepage | 06.09.07 – 9:53 pm | #

    You have to do what you have to do, Tom. I believe everyone understands that. Right now my daughter is visiting on her summer break and it’s hard for me to keep up too.

    Blessings! Happy Father’s Day Weekend!
    Gayle | Homepage | 06.16.07 – 11:28 am | #

    AOW – And it’s not letting up! Oh well…

    Gayle – Thank you for your support, and hope you have a new set of running shoes to keep up with the daughter!
    Tom | Homepage | 06.16.07 – 5:13 pm | #

    It’s good to be busy at work if you live in Michigan. Enjoy the busy spell!
    Jay | Homepage | 06.17.07 – 11:15 pm | #

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