Let’s Have a Reality Check – Gas Prices

No doubt everyone is noticing that the gasoline prices have shot up.  In our area, the price of a gallon of regular gasoline is $3.25, diesel is a surprising $2.75/gallon.  But where does this stand with the other necessities of life?

The average Starbucks coffee – $3.00 for an 8 ounce cup (that’s $48/gallon!)

A pack of cigarettes – $4.75 (from a billboard outside a gas station)

Movie with popcorn & drink (1 person) – $14.00

Monthly cell phone bill – $50.00 (if you have a good plan & watch the minutes)

Dinner for two at a decent restaurant – $50.00

Average price for a music CD – $15.00

Gallon of milk (on sale) – $1.89

Ticket to Wrestlemania – up to $1200.00!!!

Your freedom in this country – Priceless!

Just thought that things should be put in perspective…


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One Response to Let’s Have a Reality Check – Gas Prices

  1. Tom says:

    Everything is high it seems.
    Shoprat | Homepage | 05.11.07 – 9:59 pm | #

    The ones most impacted are those on fixed incomes.

    As gas prices rise, the cost of other good will also go up.

    As for Starbucks, they’re overpriced. I buy there only when someone has given me a gift card.
    Always On Watch | Homepage | 05.13.07 – 8:26 am | #

    We can still get gas for $2.85 a gallon where I live in Central Texas, but the rest of what you mentioned is about the same, with the exception of Starbucks. I’ve never even been in a Starbucks.

    I’m sure gas here will be over $3.00pg all too soon.
    Gayle | Homepage | 05.14.07 – 8:02 am | #

    You’re right, compared to many other
    countries our gas pricing is low. We
    have been pampered and I suspect it may tie to our love of the automobile; eg it’s in the interest of carmakers, truckers and oil producers to keep the stuff affordable. Now when it starts to cost a fortune to fill up my lawnmower, well…
    BB-Idaho | 05.14.07 – 1:58 pm | #

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